Summer has always been the time for Sports Bar owners and operators take a break. The programming slows with just baseball until August and, hey, we deserve a vacation too you know! Well, here at SportsTV Guide, we know this is exactly the time to get busy, so your Fall season goes smoothly, and you’re ready to ride the rollercoaster again. That’s why we hosted the Football Marketing Bootcamp in June and why we continue to deliver extended services to our subscribers.

One such service is our newly built Web Widget and our fully developed API. What are they, you ask? Oh, I’m so glad you did, let me explain….

Web Widget

For years our subscribers have had the ability, via our Web Widget, to include on their website exactly what they can show for sports. Our newest version takes that to a whole new level and allows you to easily filter your programming to be exactly what you want to publish.

Too often we hear complaints about creating social media content. Well, the Web Widget is built in social content. By posting the link to your schedule of televised sports on your social accounts, you are engaging your guests in the exact conversation they want to from you.

The Web Widget installs in seconds on your site. Anyone with a moderate amount of experience in WordPress will know how to install it. This is an incredibly simple way to include the exact schedule of live events your restaurant has available to view and share it with your guests.

And it’s Free. Yes, Free. We already charge you for access to our database and infrastructure, consequently, these enhancements will continue to be included in our service. Click here to see it live!

Our Fully Documented API

Don’t think we stopped there! We also developed a powerful API. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. This connection allows you to include our schedules on your mobile app or other applications. The JSON formatted data is flexible and can be parsed as you like. (That means your IT Guys can do cool stuff with it).

Applications that can leverage our API include custom website listings, mobile applications or ‘INTRAnet’ access to the SportsTV Guide. For example, an operator with our API integration can add our full schedule to their app and also make each game shareable on social media. Imagine a guest viewing your scheduled list of events, then clicking share to invite their friends to join them at your place to watch the game.

The API integration also gives you complete control over format and output. It’s your data, and we can help you ensure it engages your guests and brings you additional value. Contact us for support on getting started implementing our API.

We are committed to making our service as valuable to you in your operations and marketing as possible. Whether it’s the Web Widget or a Marketing Bootcamp, we will continue to deliver these additional services to support your business.