What’s your next move if you want to truly separate your bar from another competitor?

It’s all about content.

Winning with New Media Entertainment for Sports Bars & Restaurants

A frequent question we field from sports-themed operators is how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The time where counting on HD TVs and the NFL Sunday Ticket as that difference maker is long past.

So, what is your next move if you want to truly separate your operation from any other competitor? It’s all about the content. And there are three best options for alternate content available today for bars and restaurants — streaming sports, gaming entertainment and digital signage.

An effort to implement any of these options will bear fruit, but you have to execute well or it will just be another thing you tried. That’s why we are offering this implementation guide. It includes a checklist of items you must consider and address to successfully execute a new media program and turn it into a point of differentiation. Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll find in this free, premium download:

  • How to plan for new media entertainment
  • The different types of digital signage
  • The benefits of using digital restaurant signage
  • How sports bars can utilize video games to boost foot traffic & revenue
  • Why sports bars need to buy into OTT sports programing
  • The OTT Sports Program Provider Directory

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