If You’ve Got More Than One TV, You Need the SportsTV Guide.

If you own more than one TV, then you’re running a sports-themed bar or restaurant. With more than 8,000 TV stations broadcasting sports programming, how can you possibly know what sports are on TV each and every day?

The answer is simple — the SportsTV Guide.

We let thousands of bar and restaurant operators just like you know what’s on for sports.

And we deliver right into your inbox. Everyday.

Your Guide. Your Way.

The SportsTV Guide is completely customizable, so you can save time. Always know what games you can show, when, and on what channels.

Your guests will thank you.

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To Your Inbox. Everyday.

We send the SportsTV Guide to your inbox daily, so you and your staff don’t need to remember yet another password and log-in info. Just sign into your preferred email client and open your guide sent to your inbox every morning.

You can see your guide on our desktop app as well as mobile. Or print it out and stash it at the bar, the host stand, or wherever else you change stations.

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The SportsTV Guide is used by these major chains & award-winning sports bars

All Sports are Social.

The SportsTV Guide Widget lets you embed what games you can show right onto your website. It’s perfect for promoting sporting events with your guests and social followers. And it’s as simple as copying and pasting four lines of code.

Lets your guests know your serious about showing sports.

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SportsTV Guide API lets sports bars promote the game to their social media followers

See how the SportsTV Guide makes finding the game super simple.

Why Sports Bar Operators Love the SportsTV Guide

“We aren’t a traditional sports bar, but when my staff constantly had to look up what’s on via the internet or onscreen guide, it was costing us money. The SportsTV Guide gives us back that time.”

Mike, Applebee's

“[The SportsTV Guide] is one of the best tools that I use everyday. I would set the next manager up for success and make sure to print the SportsTV Guide. When I’m setting the restaurant up for the day, it’s a huge tool for us.”

Jeffrey, District Manager, Quaker Steak & Lube

“I absolutely love [The SportsTV Guide]. I recommend it to anyone that has a [sports bar or restaurant]. For $0.67 a day, it’s a no-brainer for me.”

Paddy, Edwards Mill Bar & Grill

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