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Leveling Up: Understanding eSports & Their Marketing Potential for Sports Bars

By |Alternate Sports Programming, Online Sports, Sports Bar Marketing|

On paper, the concept may seem absurd. Who wants to watch somebody else play video games? Is there really a market of third siblings forced to spectate while their older siblings take turns with Mario [...]

Download the 2018-19 NCAA Bowl Championship Series TV Schedule

By |Sports TV Schedule|

The NCAA Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system is one of the most entertaining approaches to irrelevant sporting events ever known. There are forty individual games and only three of them count, and that doesn’t count [...]

Team-Themed Chicken Wing Recipes to Attract NHL Fans & Build Fan Loyalty

By |Guest Management, Sports Bar Marketing|

It’s autumn, which means one thing: football. Right? Wrong. If your marketing program is putting all of its eggs in the Saturday/Sunday basket then you’re likely missing out on a few market segments, including hockey [...]

3 Ways Sports Bars Can Market the NHL’s ‘European Game of the Week’ to American Fans

By |Sports Bar Marketing|

It would appear the NHL is taking a page out of the NHL and NBA playbooks by turning their eyes to Europe. The league announced that they are adjusting their schedule to more weekend mid-day [...]

A Look Inside Upgrading Your Sports Bar’s A/V System for a Better Experience

By |Sports Bar Technology|

I often point to a survey that was done years ago by a major national chain that revealed why guests visit a sports bar. The number one reason was, “because it’s a great place to [...]