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SURVEY: Do Sports Bars Show Women’s Sports?

According to a recent Nielsen report, 84% of sports fans are interested in watching women's sports. But are sports bars taking advantage of that fandom? That's what we're hoping to find out in this short, few-questions survey. Once we get the results, we'll publish them in an infographic juxtaposed to the Nielsen results. We'll also provide some tips for how sports bar operators and managers can identify and maximize the opportunities showing women's sports on TV can bring them.   powered by Typeform

How Sports Bars Can Build an Influencer Marketing Campaign to Beat the Slow Season

By Joseph Brady, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Reliant Funding While the professionals all have an off-season, sports-themed restaurants and bars don’t have that same luxury. Bringing in cash flow year-round is not an easy task, but influencer marketing could be the key ingredient to help sports bar operators and owners beat event the slowest nights. At its core, successful sports bar marketing is all about reaching your audience through the right medium and creating a curiosity or awe factor. Influencer marketing is the new age amalgamation of celebrity endorsement with a content-driven marketing strategy which works best for the Millennial audience. It grabbed the spotlight in 2018 and we expect it to become more central to marketing efforts over the next few years. Here are a few tips in the influencer marketing front that can boost the popularity and [...]

What Sports Bars Can Learn About Social Media from Leagues & Teams

Since the social media was fully embraced by the sports industry, the management of sports teams, leagues, and associations began to use them as a tool to promote their growth and connection to the fans. And sports bars and sports-themed restaurants could take some cues. For example, a study conducted in 2017, Twitter partnered with NFL to do a live broadcast of 10 games for $10 million. Facebook also streamed 46 games from Mexico’s Liga MX soccer league in the same year. The use of social media by sports organizations is a crucial aspect of the marketing strategy geared towards enhanced productivity and more returns on investment. And while you’re not running a sports league team, you’re still running a sports organization. Your roster is your staff and, like pro teams, you’re trying to generate interest in your organization by [...]

3 Tricks to Increase Sports Bars’ Online Reviews

By Jeff Quinn, RepCheckup Our favorite athletes need to think about their reputation when it comes to signing bigger contracts and sponsorships/endorsements. It comes down to more than just physical attributes; but it is also their reputation off the field too. They need to make sure they are reviewed in a good light by fans and critics. The same applies to sports bars, which need to make sure that regulars and newcomers alike have a reason to come to your location. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how you can increase your bar’s online review backlog to give people even more of a reason to come to your sports bar. Why Online Reviews Matter for Sports Bars Many people think online reviews only apply to fancy restaurants, hotels, and service or retail businesses. The truth is that online [...]