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Breaking Down the New & Improved SportsTV Guide Features

If you are a long-time SportsTV subscriber, then you know we have evolved significantly over the past 20+ years as we have delivered sports TV schedules to restaurant operators. We started with four fax lines and emailed a PDF file, and now we have a state of the art web app. We have learned a lot along the way and that is why we want to review some of the amazing new features we have deployed over the past two years, including some exciting new ones. Rankings for All NCAA Teams & Sports For many years we have included rankings for NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Women’s NCAA Basketball. We believed it provided valuable insight into the potential quality of a game. That is why we are expanding that information to include any and all NCAA sports that publish rankings [...]

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A Look Inside Upgrading Your Sports Bar’s A/V System for a Better Experience

I often point to a survey that was done years ago by a major national chain that revealed why guests visit a sports bar. The number one reason was, “because it’s a great place to watch sports.” And that true of every sports bar. So, how do you deliver that experience if your bar isn’t a great place to watch sports? You can change the experience for the better by updating and upgrading your audio-visual systems. There are levels of integration you can choose and there are improvements you can make that aren’t outrageously expensive. But where do you start? We thought it might be interesting to see an example of top tier system to set a benchmark for commitment to AV systems. This one is a new Greene Turtle on Long Island that thought of everything they could include. [...]

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4 Alternative TV Content & Entertainment Options for Sports Bars & Restaurants

The search for content has always been a thorny task for sports bars and restaurant operators. By content we mean any activity, programming or engagement you deliver to your guests while they visit your restaurant. Most operators have the programming part on lock down, but how do they do when it comes to alternative forms of content? Most of the operators served by The Daily Rail and SportsTV Guide pretty much leave it at that. However, we believe not having a plan for alternative content is a fatal error in any restaurant, bar and grill. Whether you want to deliver custom messages to your guests through digital signage like CHIVE TV or provide obscure games that only streaming sports can deliver, understanding alternate content can be a real difference maker for your business. To address the aforementioned dearth of knowledge, [...]

3 Tricks to Increase Sports Bars’ Online Reviews

By Jeff Quinn, RepCheckup Our favorite athletes need to think about their reputation when it comes to signing bigger contracts and sponsorships/endorsements. It comes down to more than just physical attributes; but it is also their reputation off the field too. They need to make sure they are reviewed in a good light by fans and critics. The same applies to sports bars, which need to make sure that regulars and newcomers alike have a reason to come to your location. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how you can increase your bar’s online review backlog to give people even more of a reason to come to your sports bar. Why Online Reviews Matter for Sports Bars Many people think online reviews only apply to fancy restaurants, hotels, and service or retail businesses. The truth is that online [...]

The OTT Sports Program Provider Directory

In a previous post we talked about why sports bars need to show sports programming only available on OTT services. In short: if you're looking to stand out from every other sports bar that shows what's on ESPN, Comcast, Fox, etc. then you need to look for different and interesting content that sports fans can't get anywhere else. That means OTT sports program providers. Sports bars looking to dip their feet in the OTT sports content waters have a lot of options to choose from. Depending what your bar’s specialty is might sway you one way or another, but here are some of the more mainstream players and what they provide. Amazon Prime Launched: N/A Cost: $99/annual for Amazon Prime, $8.99/month for Prime Video Amazon is a relatively new player in OTT sports but is quickly making waves. Amazon Prime subscribers [...]

How Sports Bars Can Plan for New Media Entertainment

A frequent question we field from sports-themed operators is how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The time where counting on HD TVs and the NFL Sunday Ticket as that difference maker is long past. So, what is your next move if you want to truly separate your operation from any other competitor? It’s all about the content. In recent posts, we have reviewed what we believe are the three best options for alternate content available today: streaming sports, gaming entertainment and digital signage. An effort to implement any of these options will bear fruit, but you have to execute well or it will just be another thing you tried. That’s why we are offering this implementation guide. It includes a checklist of items you must consider and address to successfully execute a new media program and turn it into [...]

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Using Modern Restaurant Technology for Sports Bar Marketing

Modern technology has made life simple in almost every way. Many industries have been able to take advantage of technology in order to reduce the dependency on staff or enhance the offerings for a customer. This is especially important in the case of a demanding business like a sports bar, which encounters people of different experiences and requirements. The sports bar provides a perfect opportunity for fans to cheer for the team along with friends and family. Yet, they provide a business that could quickly go away if they’re not meeting guests’ needs. Modern restaurant technology makes it possible for a sports bar to meet those requirements on the entertainment aspect. Tapping into the Next Level of Projectors The sports bar gets a huge footfall during games (especially big games), and those guests are typically fans who don’t have tickets [...]

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Refer the SportsTV Guide & Get Cash Back

The sports bar segment of the hospitality industry is a small community. Many of you have worked at multiple places that are sports-themed and a few of you have graciously brought our service with you when changed positions. Our growth, over the past 14 years, has depended largely on the support of our existing subscribers as evangelists and advocates. That is why, we are so excited to roll out our official referral program that will reward you for taking the time to recommend our service to your friends in the industry. Refer the SportsTV Guide & get a $25 Amazon GC Both you & your friend win when you refer! Starting this football season, we are proud to offer a special program for existing subscribers to recommend our service to their colleagues and friends in the industry. The [...]

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What the Mayweather-McGregor Fight Tells Us About Sports Live Streaming

One week this past Saturday night, the world was captivated by the spectacle that was Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Conor McGregor. It is estimated that around 100 million folks tuned in to see the biggest fight ever on PPV -- and a lot of them were live streaming. Except that many of those who tuned in experienced significant technical issues, both with the in-line broadcast delivery and streaming options. When the numbers are finally tallied it’s expected that the fight garnered 5 million PPV orders from cable/satellite operators, the UFC app, and the Showtime app. Those are staggering numbers, which is why you can understand that the systems for delivery were strained. We have been trying to convince you that integrating streaming sports into your programming portfolio is the answer for today and the future. Unfortunately, when issues like this [...]

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All Sports Are Social… And Our Web Widget Helps

Summer has always been the time for Sports Bar owners and operators take a break. The programming slows with just baseball until August and, hey, we deserve a vacation too you know! Well, here at SportsTV Guide, we know this is exactly the time to get busy, so your Fall season goes smoothly, and you’re ready to ride the rollercoaster again. That’s why we hosted the Football Marketing Bootcamp in June and why we continue to deliver extended services to our subscribers. One such service is our newly built Web Widget and our fully developed API. What are they, you ask? Oh, I’m so glad you did, let me explain…. Web Widget For years our subscribers have had the ability, via our Web Widget, to include on their website exactly what they can show for sports. Our newest version takes [...]

We Told You So! Internet Streaming is Important

Don’t Blow it with Guests by Not Showing Streaming Sports You have probably heard someone say, “I hate to say, I told you so!” right before they say, “I told you so!” That’s a little how I felt on Sunday when I receive a flurry of calls from subscribers expressing their dismay and disappointment that we had neglected to list the Barcelona vs. Eibar, La Liga Espana soccer match. Just one problem…that match was exclusively on Live Stream and not available on broadcast TV. Therefore let me just say, “I told you so!” We have been screaming from the rooftops for years about the value and importance of streaming live sporting events and only those of you that listened were able to deliver the game your guests wanted on demand. The cost of accomplishing this feat was an inexpensive netbook or other internet enabled [...]

Why Sports Bars Need to Start Live Streaming Video

By Rob Cressy, Founder, Cress Media Houston, we have a problem. Consumers and Facebook love when brands post native videos (including live streaming), but there are very few, if any, sports bars or restaurants that make this part of their ongoing content creation and social media marketing mix. Lucky for you, I want to help you solve this problem, and I’m going to do so in a fun and engaging way. Let’s start with the nuts & bolts Facebook ranks live-streaming videos higher in the news feed, and users spend 3x more time watching live broadcasts than traditional videos on the platform. A recent study also showed native videos have an 186% higher engagement rate, and are shared 1000% more than videos linked to from other hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo. What does this mean for you? Creating videos as part of your social media [...]