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Justin Aucoin is the Content Director for the SportsTV Guide, The Rail Media and NextRestaurants. He oversees the day-to-day content creation operations of all three websites. When not writing about the restaurant industry, he enjoys fencing and writing historical adventure tales.

The OTT Sports Program Provider Directory

In a previous post we talked about why sports bars need to show sports programming only available on OTT services. In short: if you're looking to stand out from every other sports bar that shows what's on ESPN, Comcast, Fox, etc. then you need to look for different and interesting content that sports fans can't get anywhere else. That means OTT sports program providers. Sports bars looking to dip their feet in the OTT sports content waters have a lot of options to choose from. Depending what your bar’s specialty is might sway you one way or another, but here are some of the more mainstream players and what they provide. Amazon Prime Launched: N/A Cost: $99/annual for Amazon Prime, $8.99/month for Prime Video Amazon is a relatively new player in OTT sports but is quickly making waves. Amazon Prime subscribers [...]

Why Sports Bars Need OTT Sports Programming to be the Best

There are a lot of sports bars in the US, so sticking out as being different and the best can be pretty challenging. Most often, operators look toward doing something crazy or fancy with their beer and food menus. And often this is can create a fantastic little niche for many locations. But there are more and more bars out there with a beer list the length of War and Peace. And frankly, if you’re a tried & true sports bar, your guests are coming to your location for one reason beyond all others – to watch sports. So, it would stand to reason that you’d want to give your guests the best possible viewing experience. Be it from the best TV screens, personal audio, a fantasy sports-friendly atmosphere, etc. But sports bar operators would also be wise to create [...]

6 Infographics to Get You Ready for the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is just a few short weeks away. If you haven't yet, you should be marketing the World Cup to your guests right now to build up anticipation. To get your sports bar ready, here are six infographics detailing what you and your guests can expect from the World Cup this year. Share 'em with your staff so they continue to be sports experts for your guests, and share 'em on your website and social media to garner up some conversation with guests and soccer fans. 1. The 32 Teams That Reached The 2018 World Cup It's been a long road but World Cup qualifying has ended and we now know all 32 soccer teams who will compete at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Peru and Australia were the last two teams to [...]

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It’s Time for Sports Bars to Score with Fantasy Baseball

Pitchers and catchers are about to report, which means two things – we still have a month and a half left of winter (ugh) and baseball is around the corner (yay!). And that means another prime marketing opportunity for sports bars -- fantasy baseball. We know. When most of us think of fantasy sports, we probably just think of football. But sports bars shouldn’t just limit themselves to the gridiron. Fantasy baseball is also a huge pastime for fans, and operators would be wise to at least look into how they can leverage themselves as the place to be for draft day. “At no point has any sports bar ever marketed me from a fantasy angle,” said Rob Cressy, founder of Bacon Sports and Cress Media, which specializes in sports content marketing. “It’s such a big opportunity, too. Speak the [...]

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What to Know About the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang [Infographic]

With the 2018 Winter Olympics starting this week, we peeked around to find some interesting stats surrounding the Winter Games. This year’s Olympiad is being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Sure, it’s in the shadow of the crazy that is North Korea, but there are some really interesting facts surrounding this these games. This infographic covers our favorites. If you are rooting for the USA, then you’ll have to hope we have a lot of Norwegian immigrants on our team, because Norway leads all medal winning countries by 70. The USA is second followed by a few more of those cold weather countries. One thing this year’s won’t be is expensive. Korea is shelling out a paltry $10 billion which is only 20% of what was spent on Sochi. But that’s not all that Vladmir Putin’s teams got wrong. The [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Look Into America’s Unofficial Holiday — the Super Bowl

When Super Bowl LII is kicked off on Sunday, February 4, more than a hundred million Americans will be watching. Can Tom Brady carry his Patriots to yet another victory or will the Philadelphia Eagles finally get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy? As the following infographic nicely illustrates, it is not only the biggest game of the year, but also a, albeit unofficial, national holiday. Super Bowl LII Infographic You will find more statistics at Statista  

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5 Alternative Sports TV Content Sports Bars Should Show

Football. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. Soccer. Every sports bar worth its salt shows these games. Your loyal patrons and irregular guests expect you to be showing these sports on the regular every day and night of the week. So how do you stand out? You could give your guests a superior guest experience through technology or your atmosphere. That’s something we’ve harped on a ton in the past couple of years. Another way is to show alternative or “off-beat” sports programming on some of your TVs. This does a few things: It positions you as the sports expert in your neighborhood. Opens up your venue to a whole new group of fans & potentially regular clients. Opens your traditional guests into new sports they might love (and then come back to watch). Shows that you really care about sports entertainment and [...]

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Are You Making These Three Social Media Mistakes?

The basics of social media marketing is easy. You create some content, load it to your preferred social media platform, hit publish, and let the hits come on in. Right? Right. Also, not right. While posting on social media is super easy, building a solid foundation and strategy for that simple task takes a little more effort. It’s also a make or break aspect of your social media efforts. Yet, many sports bars and sports-themed restaurants overlook it or flat out get it wrong, according to Rob Cressy, founder of Bacon Sports. And they’re getting it wrong because they’re failing to realize who their true competitors are on social media. And spoiler, it’s not other restaurants. “[Sports bars] are competing with the attention of Buzzfeed, Barstool Sports, Donald Trump, cat videos,” Cressy said during the “All Sports are Social” session [...]

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Sports Bars: Are You Carrying Your NFL Fans’ Favorite Beer?

Few things go better together than NFL games and a few cold beers. And we're sure your sports bar is carrying a sweet selection for your guests to choose from, but are you carrying their favorites? Fortunately for sports bars, Nielsen and BARTRENDr has done the dirty work for you and went through 2015 data of NFL fans favorite beers and hard spirits. The fine folks at VinePair made a sweet infographic, showing NFL fans favorite beers by team. Infographic: Favorite Beers of NFL Team's Fans Some stand out points: Bud Light is a fan favorite for about a third of the league. New England shows no love to hometown brewery Sam Adams, opting for Budweiser instead. Pittsburgh & Chicago love their Guinness. Arizona, New York/New Jersey & San Fran enjoy Blue Moon. Buffalo stands as the lone Miller Light town. [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Most People Think Mayweather Will Beat McGregor

There's a lot of hype surrounding the Mayweather-McGregor fight on Saturday night, and the event is ripe for great banter at your sports bar. But who do folks think will win the fight? According to a Statista infographic, most people think Mayweather will beat McGregor by a large margin, though they're split on whether it'll happen by decision or knockout. You will find more statistics at Statista  

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Where to Find NFL Online Streams – A Sports Bar Guide

Professional sports streaming is becoming more and more popular as leagues are looking to capitalize on that growing market. And broadcast stations -- so opposed to streaming for so long -- are finally getting on board. What does this mean for sports bars and restaurants like yours? For starters, it means more opportunities to offer more content to your guests and from varied sources. You're no longer limited to what's included in your cable packages. Below are where you can expect to find NFL games streaming this season. Many are just TV stations dumping their broadcasts onto a web app, so you'll need to authenticate. Authenticating means you have to sign in using your cable or satellite long-in credentials.  Don't forget that you can find out when every game is being aired with the SportsTV Guide. Twitter Big news! Social media site Twitter purchased the streaming [...]

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This Week in eSports… Should eSports be in the Olympics?

Turner Sports dubs ELeague "very successful" Competitive gaming continues to gain a foothold in traditional broadcast channels. This year TBC debuted their eSports show called ELeague, which is a competition/reality TV show that pits 24 video gaming teams against one another for a sweet $1.2 million cash prize. It aired on Twitch but also on TBS, and it seems that Turner Sports is pretty happy with season one results. “In our business, engagement is going to be one of the most important metrics going forward,” Craig Barry, EVP and Chief Content Officer for Turner Sports said. “And specifically around engagement, we’ve had a very successful first season.” According to Digiday, ELeague viewers clocked in 13.3 million hours on Twitch and TBS, and TBS had an average of 271,000 viewers across life and time-shifted viewing. Wendell Lira quits pro soccer for pro gaming Normally you play sports [...]

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