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How Sports Bars Can Build an Influencer Marketing Campaign to Beat the Slow Season

By Joseph Brady, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Reliant Funding While the professionals all have an off-season, sports-themed restaurants and bars don’t have that same luxury. Bringing in cash flow year-round is not an easy task, but influencer marketing could be the key ingredient to help sports bar operators and owners beat event the slowest nights. At its core, successful sports bar marketing is all about reaching your audience through the right medium and creating a curiosity or awe factor. Influencer marketing is the new age amalgamation of celebrity endorsement with a content-driven marketing strategy which works best for the Millennial audience. It grabbed the spotlight in 2018 and we expect it to become more central to marketing efforts over the next few years. Here are a few tips in the influencer marketing front that can boost the popularity and [...]

What Sports Bars Can Learn About Social Media from Leagues & Teams

Since the social media was fully embraced by the sports industry, the management of sports teams, leagues, and associations began to use them as a tool to promote their growth and connection to the fans. And sports bars and sports-themed restaurants could take some cues. For example, a study conducted in 2017, Twitter partnered with NFL to do a live broadcast of 10 games for $10 million. Facebook also streamed 46 games from Mexico’s Liga MX soccer league in the same year. The use of social media by sports organizations is a crucial aspect of the marketing strategy geared towards enhanced productivity and more returns on investment. And while you’re not running a sports league team, you’re still running a sports organization. Your roster is your staff and, like pro teams, you’re trying to generate interest in your organization by [...]

7 March Madness Promotion Ideas for Sports Bars

March Madness is a huge opportunity for bars and restaurants to seize every year. With several games on almost daily, owners and managers can leverage the madness with promotions and deals for dine-in or take-out customers alike. That said, what are some of the routes to take? We’ve got you covered with some March Madness promotion ideas to use to make your NCAA tourney season a slam dunk (sorry, we know). 1. Brackets Let’s start with the most traditional route – the NCAA March Madness Bracket. Brackets can be a relatively low impact/most bang for your buck option for a promotion. You can go with one big prize for the overall bracket winner, prizes for winners of each round of the tournament, or even mix in discounts for anyone who even chooses a single game correctly to incentivize playing throughout [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Look Into America’s Unofficial Holiday — the Super Bowl

When Super Bowl LII is kicked off on Sunday, February 4, more than a hundred million Americans will be watching. Can Tom Brady carry his Patriots to yet another victory or will the Philadelphia Eagles finally get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy? As the following infographic nicely illustrates, it is not only the biggest game of the year, but also a, albeit unofficial, national holiday. Super Bowl LII Infographic You will find more statistics at Statista  

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Are You Making These Three Social Media Mistakes?

The basics of social media marketing is easy. You create some content, load it to your preferred social media platform, hit publish, and let the hits come on in. Right? Right. Also, not right. While posting on social media is super easy, building a solid foundation and strategy for that simple task takes a little more effort. It’s also a make or break aspect of your social media efforts. Yet, many sports bars and sports-themed restaurants overlook it or flat out get it wrong, according to Rob Cressy, founder of Bacon Sports. And they’re getting it wrong because they’re failing to realize who their true competitors are on social media. And spoiler, it’s not other restaurants. “[Sports bars] are competing with the attention of Buzzfeed, Barstool Sports, Donald Trump, cat videos,” Cressy said during the “All Sports are Social” session [...]

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The 2017 Football Marketing Bootcamp Syllabus

Our 2nd Annual Football Marketing Bootcamp is just a couple of weeks away and we thought we should share the full syllabus planned for the event. The obvious goal is to support operators in key areas of marketing that are challenging, but offer the best return on investment. To that end, we have identified four key subjects based on your responses to our recent survey. Below is a brief description of each segment and the names of the folks presenting or participating in panels. The seminars will be available via live stream on our YouTube channel and you can register for the event by clicking here! Session 1: All Sports are Social Host Rob Cressy of Cress Media. Rob is a seasoned social media expert who recently moderated an event specifically surrounding social media and restaurants. He also operates produces a great podcast that focuses [...]

Sports Bar Marketing Fail: Not Speaking the Language of the Sports Fan

By Rob Cressy, Founder, Cress Media One area in which the majority of sports bars fail on social media, ironically, is on the sports side of things. So many sports-themed locations fail at speak the sports fan language. One would imagine, if you’re running a sports bar you’re a sports fan, right? It’s time for these places to talk like a fan. Recently I had Andrew Jaffee, Founder of The Rail, on my Sports Marketing Huddle podcast to talk about how sports bars can better market themselves. Gone are the days of putting up a crap-ton of TVs, throwing on some sports, and calling it a day. There are too many consumer touch-points and opportunities to create positive brand interactions to get by with just the bare minimum pieces of flair. Your guest's expectations have been raised You need to be able to speak their sports fan [...]

How Reaction Videos Can Be Your Sports Bar Marketing Secret Weapon

By Rob Cressy Founder, Cress Media How would you like to increase the engagement and exposure for your sports bar during March Madness just by using a cell phone and capturing the atmosphere at your establishment? March Madness is one of the most glorious times of the year for sports fans. Excitement and camaraderie are high, unforgettable moments and upsets take place, and generally everyone is out to have a good time. That means there's a huge opportunity for sports bars to create positive brand interactions with their sports fan audience, in an authentic manner, while also increasing overall brand awareness. The way to capitalize on this opportunity is by creating reaction videos. So what exactly are reaction videos & how do you create them? When a crucial play or moment in a game happens you capture the reaction of your audience [...]

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The Best Football Promos (so far) from Citizens of the Rail

Engaging guests on social media is important to enticing them back. Here are some of the best football promos we've seen so far from our Citizens of the Rail. Way to show personality! The Greene Turtle When Monday Night Football gets in the way of your work schedule, The Greene Turtle in Columbia, MD created a customized note to employers describing where priorities lie. The Dam Grille The Dam Grille in Denver knows exactly how to engage guests on social media. They used a cardboard cut-out to tag football fans on Facebook and Instagram during halftime. The winner receives a gift card. The Hill It’s proven that making lists help to accomplish more during your day. The Hill in New York is here to help us out. Eureka Rake in the money when your fantasy team wins! Eureka in Mountain View CA is making it rain with [...]

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