Our 2nd Annual Football Marketing Bootcamp is just a couple of weeks away and we thought we should share the full syllabus planned for the event.

The obvious goal is to support operators in key areas of marketing that are challenging, but offer the best return on investment. To that end, we have identified four key subjects based on your responses to our recent survey.

Below is a brief description of each segment and the names of the folks presenting or participating in panels. The seminars will be available via live stream on our YouTube channel and you can register for the event by clicking here!

Session 1: All Sports are Social


Rob Cressy of Cress Media. Rob is a seasoned social media expert who recently moderated an event specifically surrounding social media and restaurants. He also operates produces a great podcast that focuses on all things sports marketing.

Session Description

When the football season arrives your customers will be glued to two things: the TVs and their phones. They’ll be chatting both online and offline with their friends about what’s going on in their game, with their fantasy teams, as well as the latest GIF, meme, or video they just saw. In order to best market to football fans you need to be able to speak their language, be part of the conversation, and appear on the platforms they are on.

In this panel, we’ll talk about all things social media and fan engagement. How you can leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to increase awareness and turn it into action. We’ll look at what the various ways football fans are consuming content (GIFs, memes, pictures, video, live streaming, podcasting) and how you can capitalize on it. We’ll also delve into fan engagement, user generated content, and how you can deliver an incredible experience both online and offline.

Session 2: Making Fantasy Work for You


Andrew Jaffee. As founder of SportsTV Guide, Andrew is an industry insider who has been successful in all phases of marketing for sports bars.

Watch the Football Marketing Bootcamp for sports barsSession Description

Fantasy sports are now established as an integral aspect of fandom in today’s sports world. The problem is that beyond hosting draft parties, most operators have failed to significantly leverage fantasy to drive traffic. Our panel for this discussion includes a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FTSA), Howard Kamen; a national recognized restaurant marketer and bar owner, Nick Fosberg; a former marketing director and founder of a powerful staff incentive program called Springzy, and Charlie Francus and one of the principals at Draft Party USA.

Together the panel will explore how operators can effectively market to fantasy draft parties and the entire fantasy season. The discussion will focus on real world solutions and strategies for embedding fantasy in your marketing culture. Equally important to the conversation will be an open Q&A where attending operators can ask the tricky questions that they need answered to win at fantasy in their own marketing.

Session 3: Ready for Revenue – Managing the Increased Volume During Football


Nathan Pickerill, HotSchedules

Session Description

Kickoff is in three hours. Is it a home game or away game? Do I have enough beer? Am I overstaffed or understaffed?

If you are waiting ‘til game day to answer these questions, then you have already lost. Join HotSchedules for an open and honest conversation about getting your establishment ready for football season. Let’s face it. It’s not really about football season; it’s about making money.

During this session, we will make sure your game plan is on point and discuss topics such as:

  • When are you expecting the traffic? Pre-game, in-game or post game? And how is each experience different?
  • Is your inventory stock? You better not run out of beer!
  • Do you have enough staff? Is your staff prepared for the rush?

Football season is only 20 weeks long, so when you wait all year for the moment, you better make sure that your establishment doesn’t fumble the ball on the goal line.

Session 4: Leveraging Football for Year Round Marketing


BuzzTime has been supporting the marketing of restaurants and bars through their core trivia product for years. Consequently, they have accumulated knowledge and experience that can be invaluable for accessing football to market your year-round activities.

Session Description

This session will take you from email and social media to brand awareness and traditional marketing, and everything in between to make the plan that will sustain your growth all year long.

Millions of people will go out to watch football this year, from pee-wee to the big leagues. More importantly, they will flood establishments, chanting and partying all season long. Having a solid plan in place to ensure your business succeeds is critical during this time.

Buzztime will provide you with the know-how for taking advantage of this football season. They will help you learn how to boost your ROI for each big event and capture the audiences for year-round marketing. Are you ready to learn how to leverage football season to create a year-round marketing plans?

Remember, these topics were generated by you and are being presented for you. If you have any questions in advance that you would like covered during the various programs, you can either enter them in the comments below or Tweet @SportsTVGuide with the #FMBC2017. That hashtag will be monitored before and during the event to ensure you are heard throughout. We are truly looking forward to delivering this new level of support to our subscribers. See you then!