Don’t Blow it with Guests by Not Showing Streaming Sports

You have probably heard someone say, “I hate to say, I told you so!” right before they say, “I told you so!” That’s a little how I felt on Sunday when I receive a flurry of calls from subscribers expressing their dismay and disappointment that we had neglected to list the Barcelona vs. Eibar, La Liga Espana soccer match. Just one problem…that match was exclusively on Live Stream and not available on broadcast TV.

Therefore let me just say, “I told you so!” We have been screaming from the rooftops for years about the value and importance of streaming live sporting events and only those of you that listened were able to deliver the game your guests wanted on demand. The cost of accomplishing this feat was an inexpensive netbook or other internet enabled devices that can be directly connected to a specific TV or included in your matrix system as a source.

Whether it’s an obscure college sporting event, European rugby or a second tier pro league like Major League Lacrosse, there is great content that is available via streaming feeds available. Accessing it is cheap and the providers haven’t caught up with managing the licensing for establishments that leverage that content for their guests. This means most live streams can be shown to guests without fear of backlash from the rights holders.

The technology to access it is ridiculously simple and easy to implement. Any browser enabled device where you can point to a specific URL and launch a video player will get you in the game. This means that old laptop you just retired is probably perfect or you can buy a device like the Chromebook for as little as $149. With its HDMI interface you can plug that device into a single TV or deploy it as a source in your Audio/Visual system and you are off and running.

Watch the Football Marketing Bootcamp for sports barsNext you have to visit the site and see how they allow access to their content. Some charge by the event, others ask you to subscribe and still others just give it away for free. Those of you that remember the ‘bad old days’, of 9 foot parabolic satellite dishes, will remember it was possible to get any event for free just by searching around. While event rights holders have improved their security, there are literally still thousands of events available via stream weekly.

This is why we will be delivering an additional service in the coming weeks that lists live streaming schedules for alternate events. The listings will have all the elements of our regular programming, but also include a live link that will take you directly to the site where the event is hosted.

So, when we got buried with calls from folks on Sunday about the Barcelona/Eibar match it felt like the right opportunity to remind you that we, “told you so!” Keep your eyes open for an announcement about the live stream listings being published on our guides and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help setting up to take advantage of those programming opportunities.