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Leveling Up: Understanding eSports & Their Marketing Potential for Sports Bars

On paper, the concept may seem absurd. Who wants to watch somebody else play video games? Is there really a market of third siblings forced to spectate while their older siblings take turns with Mario and Luigi out there? To ask those questions in the first place is to fundamentally misunderstand the appeal of eSports. Nobody questions why millions of people tune into the NFL every Sunday afternoon or shell out hundreds of dollars for baseball tickets. The concepts of professional eSports and major league athletics are not as different as you might think. Sure, the gladiator aesthetic and the barbarism is virtually non-existent -- or is it existent, virtually? -- but at the end of the day, in both events, you have spectators observing someone else playing a game. There are flamboyant personalities, tense drama-inducing moments, and fanbases cheering [...]

The OTT Sports Program Provider Directory

In a previous post we talked about why sports bars need to show sports programming only available on OTT services. In short: if you're looking to stand out from every other sports bar that shows what's on ESPN, Comcast, Fox, etc. then you need to look for different and interesting content that sports fans can't get anywhere else. That means OTT sports program providers. Sports bars looking to dip their feet in the OTT sports content waters have a lot of options to choose from. Depending what your bar’s specialty is might sway you one way or another, but here are some of the more mainstream players and what they provide. Amazon Prime Launched: N/A Cost: $99/annual for Amazon Prime, $8.99/month for Prime Video Amazon is a relatively new player in OTT sports but is quickly making waves. Amazon Prime subscribers [...]

Why Sports Bars Need OTT Sports Programming to be the Best

There are a lot of sports bars in the US, so sticking out as being different and the best can be pretty challenging. Most often, operators look toward doing something crazy or fancy with their beer and food menus. And often this is can create a fantastic little niche for many locations. But there are more and more bars out there with a beer list the length of War and Peace. And frankly, if you’re a tried & true sports bar, your guests are coming to your location for one reason beyond all others – to watch sports. So, it would stand to reason that you’d want to give your guests the best possible viewing experience. Be it from the best TV screens, personal audio, a fantasy sports-friendly atmosphere, etc. But sports bar operators would also be wise to create [...]

How to Watch the MLB on Facebook Watch

The relationship between sports and social media has been evolving since Facebook hit the scene in 2004. Various platforms have tested live events from Twitter’s NFL experimenting in 2016 to the full Thursday Night NFL schedule hosted by Amazon Prime. Now it appears that Major League Baseball wants to wade into social streaming with their 2018 season Facebook Watch schedule. Today’s the game between Milwaukee and St. Louis is exclusively available on Facebook Watch, and we list them all on the SportsTV Guide's streaming section. Facebook Watch will host 25 games exclusively on the platform for broadcast. Most games will be shown on Wednesdays and will include both game action and curated content provided by MLB Network. The Facebook Watch deal is likely the beginning of an unstoppable trend. Below is three ways you can watch the MLB on Facebook Watch, [...]

What Does a New Professional Football League Mean to Sports Bars?

By now you’ve likely heard. There are two new professional football leagues vying for the opening left by the NFL’s most recent woes. Just a few years ago an alternate league would have been unthinkable, but the NFL has seen ratings drops while the player protests, and the head injury issues erode their stranglehold on all things football in the US. Enter Chuck Ebersol and Vince McMahon. Ebersol is the son of former NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol, who was a partner of Vince McMahon in the failed XFL experiment from 1999. Fast forward almost 20 years and it appears the landscape has changed -- even if the central players have not. While all these machinations are fascinating, what does The Alliance of American Football (AAF) mean to sports bar’s operations and marketing efforts? Below are three potential advantages from [...]

5 Alternative Sports TV Content Sports Bars Should Show

Football. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. Soccer. Every sports bar worth its salt shows these games. Your loyal patrons and irregular guests expect you to be showing these sports on the regular every day and night of the week. So how do you stand out? You could give your guests a superior guest experience through technology or your atmosphere. That’s something we’ve harped on a ton in the past couple of years. Another way is to show alternative or “off-beat” sports programming on some of your TVs. This does a few things: It positions you as the sports expert in your neighborhood. Opens up your venue to a whole new group of fans & potentially regular clients. Opens your traditional guests into new sports they might love (and then come back to watch). Shows that you really care about sports entertainment and [...]

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What the Mayweather-McGregor Fight Tells Us About Sports Live Streaming

One week this past Saturday night, the world was captivated by the spectacle that was Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Conor McGregor. It is estimated that around 100 million folks tuned in to see the biggest fight ever on PPV -- and a lot of them were live streaming. Except that many of those who tuned in experienced significant technical issues, both with the in-line broadcast delivery and streaming options. When the numbers are finally tallied it’s expected that the fight garnered 5 million PPV orders from cable/satellite operators, the UFC app, and the Showtime app. Those are staggering numbers, which is why you can understand that the systems for delivery were strained. We have been trying to convince you that integrating streaming sports into your programming portfolio is the answer for today and the future. Unfortunately, when issues like this [...]

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English Premier League Offers Games Stream Only

Putting a Little English (Premier LG) on Steaming Sports Why it matters to you: This is the first major sports league to offer 2nd tier games on stream only. For the past several years, many of you have enjoyed a great value from the English Premier League Extra Time programming. These weekly games changed the position of EPL in our business and many of you have a healthy traffic built around that content. Unfortunately, that is about to change. This week’s EPL kick offs will not be available to you on DIRECTV. NBC holds the contract and has decided to monetize the second tier games that don’t make their national broadcast channels via a streaming-only approach. This means that you will only see games on NBC Sports Network and the flagship NBC network chain. Otherwise, games that aren’t available on [...]

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We Told You So! Internet Streaming is Important

Don’t Blow it with Guests by Not Showing Streaming Sports You have probably heard someone say, “I hate to say, I told you so!” right before they say, “I told you so!” That’s a little how I felt on Sunday when I receive a flurry of calls from subscribers expressing their dismay and disappointment that we had neglected to list the Barcelona vs. Eibar, La Liga Espana soccer match. Just one problem…that match was exclusively on Live Stream and not available on broadcast TV. Therefore let me just say, “I told you so!” We have been screaming from the rooftops for years about the value and importance of streaming live sporting events and only those of you that listened were able to deliver the game your guests wanted on demand. The cost of accomplishing this feat was an inexpensive netbook or other internet enabled [...]

Why Sports Bars Need to Start Live Streaming Video

By Rob Cressy, Founder, Cress Media Houston, we have a problem. Consumers and Facebook love when brands post native videos (including live streaming), but there are very few, if any, sports bars or restaurants that make this part of their ongoing content creation and social media marketing mix. Lucky for you, I want to help you solve this problem, and I’m going to do so in a fun and engaging way. Let’s start with the nuts & bolts Facebook ranks live-streaming videos higher in the news feed, and users spend 3x more time watching live broadcasts than traditional videos on the platform. A recent study also showed native videos have an 186% higher engagement rate, and are shared 1000% more than videos linked to from other hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo. What does this mean for you? Creating videos as part of your social media [...]

This Week in eSports… Should eSports be in the Olympics?

Turner Sports dubs ELeague "very successful" Competitive gaming continues to gain a foothold in traditional broadcast channels. This year TBC debuted their eSports show called ELeague, which is a competition/reality TV show that pits 24 video gaming teams against one another for a sweet $1.2 million cash prize. It aired on Twitch but also on TBS, and it seems that Turner Sports is pretty happy with season one results. “In our business, engagement is going to be one of the most important metrics going forward,” Craig Barry, EVP and Chief Content Officer for Turner Sports said. “And specifically around engagement, we’ve had a very successful first season.” According to Digiday, ELeague viewers clocked in 13.3 million hours on Twitch and TBS, and TBS had an average of 271,000 viewers across life and time-shifted viewing. Wendell Lira quits pro soccer for pro gaming Normally you play sports [...]

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This week in eSports… ESL turns to Facebook Live

eSports now worth almost $900 million eSports is a young, booming and wealthy industry. According to SuperData Research, eSports is worth $892 million currently and expected to break $1 billion sometime next year. SuperData also expects viewership to increase from 214 million to 202 million by 2019. eSports turns to Facebook Live Digiday had an interesting post on how ESL One Cologne, the world's biggest eSports promoter, used Facebook Live. Their recent tournament in Germany had 42,000 live attenders and drew 21.7 million unique viewers online. ESL used Facebook Live to interview top players and video game personalities, visit partner booths, etc. It was great use of showing additional content and behind-the-scenes look for folks who couldn't be there themselves. “With Facebook Live, we are creating this ‘B-stream’ exclusively for the platform,” said Johannes Schiefer, director of global social and editorial for ESL. “There, [...]