If you want to fill your bar with happy & hungry sports fans, you need to give them the best experience possible. 

That starts with your menu.

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You have a dinner menu. You have a lunch menu. You have a brunch menu, a function menu, a cocktail list, a wine list, a beer list, and about 20 more slates of options. Creating another specialized menu probably gives you a little apprehension but rest assured that a properly planned and executed gameday menu will relieve far more headaches than it causes.

Picture your sports nights. Whether it be football, college basketball, or the Olympics, there should be throngs of hungry and thirsty guests packing your building. You need quick food, but not “fast food.” The difference always boils down to quality. Anyone can take frozen, prepackaged, ready-to-eat dishes and heat them up in the blink of an eye. You’d be hard-pressed, however, to find a group of people excited to spend a Sunday afternoon watching the games while eating the exact same meal they can get in a thousand other locations – or even at home.

What differentiates you from every other restaurant is why your guests visit your location. You never want to sacrifice the quality just to move plates out of your kitchen a little faster, but a little bit of cherry picking and focused marketing efforts can give you a leg up. Sure, you may have a fabulous baked haddock recipe in your arsenal, but a 20-minute pickup while your bar is three deep and every section is flat sat will kill the kitchen’s rhythm and send the rest of your team spiraling.

This is why your sports bar needs a gameday menu!

Here’s what you’ll find in this free, premium download:

  • Why every sports bar should have a gameday menu
  • How to build and test your gameday menu
  • Tips for marketing your gameday menu to your regulars and new guests & fans
  • Best practices for executing your restaurant’s gameday menu for success
  • Industry data and insight into what guests want from their menu experience
  • BONUS: four buzzer beater recipes to include on your gameday menu

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Sports Bar Gameday Menu Preview