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Andrew is an accomplished and respected restaurant industry professional with more than 26 years of experience focusing on many aspects of small business management, ranging from human resources to marketing, operations and accounting. Prior to the SportsTV Guide, Andrew managed and owned a variety of concepts from quick service to fine dining, and spent the first 20 years of his career as a restaurant operator.

Download Your Free 2019 NHL Playoffs TV Schedule

The NHL Playoffs are finally here. After 82 games, there are only 16 teams left standing with a chance at the Stanley Cup.  In the East Tampa Bay accumulated the most points and secured home-ice advantage through the conference schedule. In the West, it is Nashville that will have home-ice all the way through if they make it to the finals. There’s no doubt that the NHL Playoffs is our favorite tournament is all of sports. If you don’t normally watch hockey, you won’t see a difference, but if you do, it’s a totally different game than regular season play. The speed, the athletes and the competition all elevate to levels that even the uninitiated can acknowledge. The sports is really exciting this time of the year. 2019 NHL Playoffs TV Schedule Eastern| Central| Mountain | Pacific All the games are [...]

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Breaking Down the New & Improved SportsTV Guide Features

If you are a long-time SportsTV subscriber, then you know we have evolved significantly over the past 20+ years as we have delivered sports TV schedules to restaurant operators. We started with four fax lines and emailed a PDF file, and now we have a state of the art web app. We have learned a lot along the way and that is why we want to review some of the amazing new features we have deployed over the past two years, including some exciting new ones. Rankings for All NCAA Teams & Sports For many years we have included rankings for NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Women’s NCAA Basketball. We believed it provided valuable insight into the potential quality of a game. That is why we are expanding that information to include any and all NCAA sports that publish rankings [...]

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2019 NCAA March Madness TV Schedule

The field is set, the bracket filled out, now what? Consider this our annual observation that while the tournament is a singular phenomenon in the US sports calendar, it’s also not exactly what we hope in the sports bar biz. The exception, of course, is the Thursday and Friday of the first weekend. With 16 games each day and all 64 teams still hopeful to advance, this can get hectic. The included downloadable schedule is for the full tournament run. We have the teams and rankings for the Play-in and Round of 64 games. We also include the TV schedule for the remainder of the tournament right through until the final game on Monday April 8th. We will not update this schedule during the tournament but you can get future schedule info by signing up for the SportsTV Guide. Many [...]

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How to Prep Your Sports Bar for NCAA Spring Football

It’s March and spring doesn’t feel very close, but we’ve got an idea about how to warm it up. Why not promote some NCAA Football? What? NCAA Football? It’s not August. Actually, the spring is one of the most entertaining peculiarities of NCAA Football -- the Spring Games. There’s a bunch of fun rituals that surround the games and if you are a fan club location, this game is essential for driving some cheap traffic in April or May. There are a total of 130 NCAA FBS teams and each of them has a spring game featured on their calendars. Unfortunately, they aren’t all televised, but the bigger programs do air on their various conference based networks. Think the SEC Network, where you will see South Carolina, Arkansas and Florida’s spring game live, including on campus programming. The middle-tiered teams [...]

Will the AAF Bring Success to Sports Bars?

Every February we all cry poor as the NBA and NHL drag on, the interminable college basketball schedule continues, and pitchers and catchers finally report. Well, your poverty ends on February 9th as the Alliance of American Football (AAF) kicks off its inaugural season. To be direct, your guess might be as good as mine, but I am going to attempt to look at history and current trends and divine what will happen and how you can profit from it. Let’s start with a brief history lesson and see what we can glean from that. Will History Repeat Itself? In the ‘60s an upstart league called the American Football League took on the NFL. By 1969, the New York Jets had beaten the unbeatable Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. From there, it was just a formality for the leagues [...]

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Download the 2018-19 NCAA Bowl Championship Series TV Schedule

The NCAA Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system is one of the most entertaining approaches to irrelevant sporting events ever known. There are forty individual games and only three of them count, and that doesn’t count the many post-season all-star games. However, with pools and pick ‘em games happening everywhere you look, college football fans seem interested. The games do credible ratings and the part of our Americana dedicated to football on New Year’s Eve demands we all pretend they mean more than pride for the teams playing. All that being said, this year’s schedule has some fun match ups and provides midweek content to at least make it valuable. In the early schedule, you get mostly the lower conferences with teams like North Texas taking on Utah State in the New Mexico Bowl. But the schedule markedly improves as the [...]

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3 Ways Sports Bars Can Market the NHL’s ‘European Game of the Week’ to American Fans

It would appear the NHL is taking a page out of the NHL and NBA playbooks by turning their eyes to Europe. The league announced that they are adjusting their schedule to more weekend mid-day games in order to attract more attention from across the pond. While that is good news for Europeans, what does it mean to you as a sports-themed operator? The answer is a quite a few things. To start it means you’ll have more varied content to show on weekends. A good mix of professional and college athletics is great news for attracting more folks during a tough-to-sell revenue period. It’s also a great excuse to deliver something to your much maligned NHL fans. No doubt the NHL is the last among equals in the North American pro sports ranks (all due respect to our Canadian [...]

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A Look Inside Upgrading Your Sports Bar’s A/V System for a Better Experience

I often point to a survey that was done years ago by a major national chain that revealed why guests visit a sports bar. The number one reason was, “because it’s a great place to watch sports.” And that true of every sports bar. So, how do you deliver that experience if your bar isn’t a great place to watch sports? You can change the experience for the better by updating and upgrading your audio-visual systems. There are levels of integration you can choose and there are improvements you can make that aren’t outrageously expensive. But where do you start? We thought it might be interesting to see an example of top tier system to set a benchmark for commitment to AV systems. This one is a new Greene Turtle on Long Island that thought of everything they could include. [...]

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Download the 2018 MLB Postseason TV Schedule

When Major League Baseball began the Wild Card Game in 2012, they wanted to include more teams with a chance to make the playoffs. One wouldn’t believe they envisioned the two tiebreaker games we have today. The month of October is all baseball all the time. From today at 1pm until the World Series begins (10/23) you’ll have day, afternoon and night baseball. There has never been two tiebreakers in MLB in its 100+ year history. The last time there was a single tiebreakers was in 2013 where the American League Wild Card game was preceded by Tampa Bay playing Texas in a one game tiebreaker playoff. This year we have two divisional titles on the line. At 1pm ET Milwaukee goes to Chicago to determine who will win the NL Central and then at 4pm ET, Colorado heads to [...]

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3 Fun Ways to Drive Restaurant Sales During Football

You may have heard, but football ratings are way down. Since most of our subscribers rely on football to deliver relief from an all too slow summer, this is really bad news. Although, it doesn’t mean you don’t have weapons to combat the fading NFL ratings and their impact on your sales. Maybe it’s time to see the traffic softening as an opportunity to be more creative in your efforts and increase check averages. Sure there are fewer guests, but if you stabilize your traffic for football, you can then increase it by driving guest spending with smart programs. We know the season has already begun, but there is no time like the present to get rolling. So, here are three fun ways to drive sales during football and fight back against any reduction in traffic: Sell More Wings Sure [...]

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Three Hurdles to Sports Bars Marketing the NFL

The last several years have been tough on the NFL brand. Starting with Deflategate and running all the way to this past week’s continued anthem protests by players, the league has managed too many controversies. While the looming question of the NFL’s relevance may haunt journalists, sports bar operators know the NFL remains the 500-pound gorilla in the room. A key feature of the continued presence of the NFL is its passionate fantasy football fans. This sets it apart from all of the other sports in terms of consistent interest, even when teams are eliminated from contention. Whether it was their handling of domestic violence incidents or their response to claims of indifference to CTE, the NFL has been under constant fire these past few years. With a player settlement done on CTE and an improved approach to player discipline, [...]

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4 Alternative TV Content & Entertainment Options for Sports Bars & Restaurants

The search for content has always been a thorny task for sports bars and restaurant operators. By content we mean any activity, programming or engagement you deliver to your guests while they visit your restaurant. Most operators have the programming part on lock down, but how do they do when it comes to alternative forms of content? Most of the operators served by The Daily Rail and SportsTV Guide pretty much leave it at that. However, we believe not having a plan for alternative content is a fatal error in any restaurant, bar and grill. Whether you want to deliver custom messages to your guests through digital signage like CHIVE TV or provide obscure games that only streaming sports can deliver, understanding alternate content can be a real difference maker for your business. To address the aforementioned dearth of knowledge, [...]