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Andrew is an accomplished and respected restaurant industry professional with more than 26 years of experience focusing on many aspects of small business management, ranging from human resources to marketing, operations and accounting.

Prior to the SportsTV Guide, Andrew managed and owned a variety of concepts from quick service to fine dining, and spent the first 20 years of his career as a restaurant operator.

3 Steps to Making Wings a Centerpiece of Your Tailgating Menu

The NCAA Bowl Season is a time when folks gather to watch their favorite university duke it out for bowl supremacy. We already know that wings and football just make sense and that’s why we strongly encourage you to drive real results by offering wings as a centerpiece to your Tailgate Catering menu. Folks are consuming food in so many different ways than in times past. With the explosion of delivery during the past year and fully prepared meals from grocery stores, operators are faced with the challenge re-capturing the business that has moved to either of these options. Catering is a perfect solution. The home tailgate has grown over the years with fans coming together to watch games on their own outsized TVs in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why the timing is perfect to match the [...]

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Football Preview for October 17-23

The second half of the full NCAA season begins this week and there are some good matchups, but frankly, it’s a soft week in general. The NFL has some more potent games for the schedule and the primetime games are all really strong this week. Both the CFL and English Premier League have full slates of games as well. Week 8 of the NCAA season isn’t filled with great matchups but there are some games that will generate interest. Between ranked opponents, there is only one game this week with (19) Michigan going to Happy Valley to take on (2) Penn St at 7:30pm ET. Unfortunately, the classic rivalry game between USC and Notre Dame is on at the exact same time and is the other best matchup of the day. Conference play continues with just 5 weeks of regular [...]

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Football Weekend Preview for October 11-16

Are we already at Week 7 of the NCAA season? Holy cow! It always seems to fly by. This week has an interesting quirk in the NCAA with 13 of the top 25 teams on the road. The NFL Week 6 schedule is the second week of byes for teams and features a few great matchups and a lot of not so hot ones. This is while the CFL winds down their season on the run-up to the 105th Grey Cup. Finally, the English Premier League is back in action after their International Competition week off and should be a great schedule of games. Did you say 13 ranked teams are on the road? Yup. While it’s not a record it is very unusual. This is the type of week that is ripe for an upset. Start with the easiest [...]

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The 2017 MLB Postseason Schedule

The 2017 MLB Playoffs begin on Tuesday October 3rd and it promises to be another interesting postseason. The Chicago Cubs return for their chance to chase back to back World Series Championships, but they aren’t the favorites. With Cleveland ending the season on a serious hot streak, most eyes will be on the Jake. Download Your 2017 MLB Postseason Schedule Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific The whole thing kicks off with the first Wildcard Game on Tuesday between the Yankees and Minnesota to see who becomes the sacrificial lamb for the Cleveland Indians. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers are limping into the playoffs after a lame finish to a season. The Divisional Playoffs are only five game series and are on FS1 (American League) and TBS (National League) with MLB Network filling in for any [...]

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Football Preview for October 3rd – October 9th

The upcoming week of football features the beginning of conference play in the NCAA and lots of good games in the NFL. There is no English Premier League schedule this week due to international play and the CFL is rapidly closing out their season. We would love to know how your football season is progressing, given all the negative news surrounding the NFL protests and ratings slide. Download Your Football Weekend Preview Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific The NCAA starts the week off with a bang when two ranked ACC teams go at it on Thursday night. (17) Louisville is at (24) NC State to see who will stay ranked after Week 6. On Saturday there are a few great matchups with LSU visiting (21) Florida and (23) West Virginia going to (8) TCU. Some rivalry action has [...]

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Sports Bars Aren’t Dead, But They May Be On Life Support

If bad news comes in waves, then our industry -- and specifically the sports themed segment -- is getting rolled over by one mother of an ocean storm. For the past year, we have covered story after story lamenting the sales declines, the cannibalization of full-service by fast casual, and the enormous staffing challenges that face all operators in the current economy. This decline has been particularly hard on sports-themed operators as we have seen several high profile bankruptcies and worse-than-market sales reporting from some of our biggest players. What does all this mean for the future of the “sports bar” and is there anything you can do about it? Who’s to blame? The sales performance of full-service restaurant operators has been declining steadily for the past 18 months or so. In general, the entire segment is experiencing a shift [...]

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Football Preview for September 26th – October 2nd

What a great week of football, both College and Pro. There were superbly played games, fantastic finishes, and political turmoil; and that’s good for our business. Regardless of your politics, this much focus on football means more people are watching and engaged. While this week doesn’t boast as many great matchups, there are still quite a few games worth highlighting. Also, we are wondering how you feel your football season is stacking up to previous years, now that we are several weeks into it? On the NCAA football schedule there are very few marquis quality games to highlight, but the few that are, certainly have great promise. Friday night you have a late night (10:30pm on the East Coast anyway) game between ranked teams with (6)USC visiting (16)Washington State. On Saturday there are only two games between ranked opponents with [...]

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Yahoo, The NFL, and You!

The first streaming game of the NFL season is this Sunday at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT and we, at The Rail, couldn’t be more excited. Why? Because that means we can debut our first entry onto our Streaming Tab on the SportsTV Guide dashboard. Yes, streaming again! We know you guys don’t really care about streaming sports or even want to invest the few minutes to assess where it fits with your overall sports programming, but it’s coming and there is nothing any of us can do about it. This game between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars is exclusively on Yahoo.com for anyone outside of these two demographic markets. If you are in or around Baltimore/Jacksonville you will get the game on your local CBS affiliate and it will be listed on your guide. However, if you are anywhere else, [...]

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Football Preview for September 19-26

THE NFL RETURNS TO YAHOO.COM Week 3 in the NFL notably has its first streaming game of the season. You may recall a couple of years ago that Yahoo.com hosted an exclusive broadcast of a game from London. Well, they’re at it again with a 9:30am ET/6:30am PT game this Sunday. This time Baltimore takes on Jacksonville at Wembley Stadium for a projected crowd of over 90,000. The game is free to access on Yahoo.com, and all you need is a computer capable of streaming. But this isn’t the end because Amazon has also inked a deal with the NFL with their first streaming broadcast coming on Thursday, September 28th when Chicago visits Green Bay. The games will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime video members and will also be broadcast on the NFL Network. The streaming service will host [...]

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Refer the SportsTV Guide & Get Cash Back

The sports bar segment of the hospitality industry is a small community. Many of you have worked at multiple places that are sports-themed and a few of you have graciously brought our service with you when changed positions. Our growth, over the past 14 years, has depended largely on the support of our existing subscribers as evangelists and advocates. That is why, we are so excited to roll out our official referral program that will reward you for taking the time to recommend our service to your friends in the industry. Refer the SportsTV Guide & get a $25 Amazon GC Both you & your friend win when you refer! Starting this football season, we are proud to offer a special program for existing subscribers to recommend our service to their colleagues and friends in the industry. The [...]

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Football Weekend Preview for September 12 – 18

HELP US HELP YOU! With the first week of the NFL under our belts and the thick of the NCAA season underway, we can fall into our rhythm for the Football Weekend Preview. The first few weeks of the NFL are always potent drivers because everyone’s teams are still relevant. Additionally, the NCAA hasn’t differentiated the teams who are contenders for the Bowl Championship Series and consequently, any ranked team has a shot at the 4 team playoffs. All that being said, we are also refining our new platform and want to make sure we ask for your support in that endeavor. As you all know, we began exclusive service on our new platform on June 1st of this year. We have worked diligently for a year in preparing, and refining, the web app so it delivers you the type [...]

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Download September’s Weekly Football Preview

Well, it’s finally here…Are you ready for some football? The NFL finally kicks off this Sunday, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. That coupled with the full NCAA Football slate for their Week 2 and you have the perfect storm for returned volume. There are no CFL Games on in the US, but they are all available in Canada. What are you doing to get ready for this Sunday’s slate? Download September's Weekly Football Preview Eastern – Central – Mountain – Pacific Whether it’s free schwag from a distributor or a special new appetizer list, this first week is where it’s at for getting the attention of your guests. We covered this extensively in the Football Marketing Bootcamp. The increased traffic and the new faces you will see are ripe targets for your brand messaging and new [...]

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