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Andrew is an accomplished and respected restaurant industry professional with more than 26 years of experience focusing on many aspects of small business management, ranging from human resources to marketing, operations and accounting. Prior to the SportsTV Guide, Andrew managed and owned a variety of concepts from quick service to fine dining, and spent the first 20 years of his career as a restaurant operator.

Five Reasons to Know What’s on TV for Sports… Even If You’re Not a Sports Bar

The SportsTV Guide is a utility serving restaurant operators for almost 25 years. Too often, when we offer our service to a restaurant operator, their first response is, “We aren’t a sports bar!” It’s high time someone challenged this assertion. It’s a fallacy and always has been. While only about 15% of all restaurants are traditional sports-themed operators, any bar or restaurant with at least one TV can become a sports bar based exclusively on a major event. Imagine, your local team is playing for a championship. Won’t your bar have at least a few folks who would want to watch that game live? Here are five compelling reasons you need to be more aware of what’s on for sports: 1. It’s what your guests want! Our offices are in Boston and there are plenty of restaurants with TVs that aren’t [...]

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All Sports Are Social… And Our Web Widget Helps

Summer has always been the time for Sports Bar owners and operators take a break. The programming slows with just baseball until August and, hey, we deserve a vacation too you know! Well, here at SportsTV Guide, we know this is exactly the time to get busy, so your Fall season goes smoothly, and you’re ready to ride the rollercoaster again. That’s why we hosted the Football Marketing Bootcamp in June and why we continue to deliver extended services to our subscribers. One such service is our newly built Web Widget and our fully developed API. What are they, you ask? Oh, I’m so glad you did, let me explain…. Web Widget For years our subscribers have had the ability, via our Web Widget, to include on their website exactly what they can show for sports. Our newest version takes [...]

English Premier League Offers Games Stream Only

Putting a Little English (Premier LG) on Steaming Sports Why it matters to you: This is the first major sports league to offer 2nd tier games on stream only. For the past several years, many of you have enjoyed a great value from the English Premier League Extra Time programming. These weekly games changed the position of EPL in our business and many of you have a healthy traffic built around that content. Unfortunately, that is about to change. This week’s EPL kick offs will not be available to you on DIRECTV. NBC holds the contract and has decided to monetize the second tier games that don’t make their national broadcast channels via a streaming-only approach. This means that you will only see games on NBC Sports Network and the flagship NBC network chain. Otherwise, games that aren’t available on [...]

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TV Schedules for Copa America 2016 & European Championship 2016

You may have heard soccer referred to as the “beautiful game.” Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but for sure you should like it this summer with the arrival of two major international competitions. Starting Friday, June 3rd, the Copa America 2016 lands on US soil for the first time ever. On the following Friday, June 10th, the European Championship kicks off, often referred to as the “real World Cup.” The great news is they both air during different revenue periods and are 100% on regular TV channels. If you don’t remember, the Copa America 2016 was central to this past year’s FIFA corruption scandal, complete with federal indictments, international intrigue, and embarrassing perp walks. That’s all behind us now and the event is sure to be a big deal with venues coast to coast hosting many of football’s (soccer to you and me) international [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Market Football

We see this dance every year. It begins in late July when operators realize that football starts in two weeks and they haven’t done anything to market for it. We hear, “Not really a big deal because we are always busy during football season, so there is no reason to add the strain and expense of marketing for it.” Then the season ends with a thump, especially if your local team didn’t do well, and suddenly it’s winter and it slows waaaaay down. It’s a classic error to not make the connection between your busiest times and the slowest. You may have heard the adage: the easiest customer to get is the one that is already in your building. It’s a cliché because it’s true. The key to ‘year round’ marketing your business is to ensure you turn your strongest revenue periods into [...]

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Is Your Restaurant Ready for Football Season Kickoff?

Register for a play-by-play to maximize revenue during the upcoming season. By Hot Schedules, content parter for this year's Football Marketing Bootcamp It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a diehard football fan, then you know your weekends revolve around the big game. And if you’re a restaurant owner or manager, then you definitely know that you and your team need to be ready for the rush on game day. The seasonal influx of football fans at your business can be a blessing, but if you aren’t prepared, it can also be a curse. With that in mind, here’s what you need to be thinking about before kickoff: How busy is your restaurant going to be? Is your inventory stocked? What specials are you offering? Is your staff prepared? If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days for football [...]

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July Sports Calendar & Preview

Why it matters to you: Every event is an opportunity to promote viewing at your restaurant. Each month we deliver you a calendar so you are never surprised by upcoming programming. July is typically a tough month in our industry, but to be frank, it doesn’t have to be. With events like the Tour de France, Wimbledon and the MLB All-Star Break, there are plenty of promotable moments. Check out this month’s schedule and see where you can promote on social media or run a special that takes advantage of these events. Download your free calendar here. July 2017 Calendar | July 2017 Preview

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The Restaurant & Sports Bar Marketer’s Playbook for Football Season

By Buzztime, partner for the Football Marketing Bootcamp When football season starts, will you be ready? Expecting crowds without a marketing plan is a risky move. It’s like throwing a Hail Mary or relying on the receiver to run 98 yards on a kickoff return – at every game. Instead, be proactive! Plan for success with these marketing plays that will win over customers during football season. Play #1: Create a Winning Schedule Pull out your whiteboard just like a coach and create a calendar of important football dates. Start by identifying the “home” teams in your area, both pro and college. Then, plot out televised game schedules for each team. Include dates for games and events so big, it doesn’t matter which teams are involved: the “big” game in February, key bowl games, and even draft and signing days. Don’t forget high [...]

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The 2017 Football Marketing Bootcamp Syllabus

Our 2nd Annual Football Marketing Bootcamp is just a couple of weeks away and we thought we should share the full syllabus planned for the event. The obvious goal is to support operators in key areas of marketing that are challenging, but offer the best return on investment. To that end, we have identified four key subjects based on your responses to our recent survey. Below is a brief description of each segment and the names of the folks presenting or participating in panels. The seminars will be available via live stream on our YouTube channel and you can register for the event by clicking here! Session 1: All Sports are Social Host Rob Cressy of Cress Media. Rob is a seasoned social media expert who recently moderated an event specifically surrounding social media and restaurants. He also operates produces a great podcast that focuses [...]

We Told You So! Internet Streaming is Important

Don’t Blow it with Guests by Not Showing Streaming Sports You have probably heard someone say, “I hate to say, I told you so!” right before they say, “I told you so!” That’s a little how I felt on Sunday when I receive a flurry of calls from subscribers expressing their dismay and disappointment that we had neglected to list the Barcelona vs. Eibar, La Liga Espana soccer match. Just one problem…that match was exclusively on Live Stream and not available on broadcast TV. Therefore let me just say, “I told you so!” We have been screaming from the rooftops for years about the value and importance of streaming live sporting events and only those of you that listened were able to deliver the game your guests wanted on demand. The cost of accomplishing this feat was an inexpensive netbook or other internet enabled [...]