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3 Fun Ways to Drive Restaurant Sales During Football

You may have heard, but football ratings are way down. Since most of our subscribers rely on football to deliver relief from an all too slow summer, this is really bad news. Although, it doesn’t mean you don’t have weapons to combat the fading NFL ratings and their impact on your sales. Maybe it’s time to see the traffic softening as an opportunity to be more creative in your efforts and increase check averages. Sure there are fewer guests, but if you stabilize your traffic for football, you can then increase it by driving guest spending with smart programs. We know the season has already begun, but there is no time like the present to get rolling. So, here are three fun ways to drive sales during football and fight back against any reduction in traffic: Sell More Wings Sure [...]

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4 Alternative TV Content & Entertainment Options for Sports Bars & Restaurants

The search for content has always been a thorny task for sports bars and restaurant operators. By content we mean any activity, programming or engagement you deliver to your guests while they visit your restaurant. Most operators have the programming part on lock down, but how do they do when it comes to alternative forms of content? Most of the operators served by The Daily Rail and SportsTV Guide pretty much leave it at that. However, we believe not having a plan for alternative content is a fatal error in any restaurant, bar and grill. Whether you want to deliver custom messages to your guests through digital signage like CHIVE TV or provide obscure games that only streaming sports can deliver, understanding alternate content can be a real difference maker for your business. To address the aforementioned dearth of knowledge, [...]

3 Winning Strategies for Sports Bars Marketing NCAA Football

Of the six major American sports, college football is by far the most overrated one for sports bars. Not because it doesn’t drive traffic -- it does! Not because there isn’t enough coverage -- there is! Not because there aren’t enough fans -- there are! No, college football is overrated because there isn’t much your guests can’t get at home on their own TVs. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to leverage this business; you definitely should. The trick is to make sure your efforts aren’t on strategies that don’t deliver results. It all started 11 years ago when the Big Ten Network launched. As a result of their success, the PAC12 network, SEC Network and the ACC Network have all been born. Essentially, these proprietary networks exploded the number of games on easily accessible in-line channels. This caused [...]

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What Sports Bars Can Learn About Social Media from Leagues & Teams

Since the social media was fully embraced by the sports industry, the management of sports teams, leagues, and associations began to use them as a tool to promote their growth and connection to the fans. And sports bars and sports-themed restaurants could take some cues. For example, a study conducted in 2017, Twitter partnered with NFL to do a live broadcast of 10 games for $10 million. Facebook also streamed 46 games from Mexico’s Liga MX soccer league in the same year. The use of social media by sports organizations is a crucial aspect of the marketing strategy geared towards enhanced productivity and more returns on investment. And while you’re not running a sports league team, you’re still running a sports organization. Your roster is your staff and, like pro teams, you’re trying to generate interest in your organization by [...]

How Sports Bars Can Make the NFL Preseason Work for Them

For the NFL, the preseason is a chance to get their teams ready for the season. The same is true for sports bars and sports-themed operators -- and that’s why we love the NFL Preseason. Starting in early August, there are NFL games available for showing in your locations. This is the right time to get ready for the upcoming regular season schedule by making the preseason work for you. Those of you that want to show the preseason games will have some additional decisions to make. So, let’s get started. How to Get Non-Locally Aired NFL Preseason Games The biggest challenge most sports bar managers will experience during the NFL Preseason is that most games are not available locally. Unlike the regular season, there is no NFL Sunday Ticket for the preseason. Your only option is to explore the [...]

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3 Tricks to Increase Sports Bars’ Online Reviews

By Jeff Quinn, RepCheckup Our favorite athletes need to think about their reputation when it comes to signing bigger contracts and sponsorships/endorsements. It comes down to more than just physical attributes; but it is also their reputation off the field too. They need to make sure they are reviewed in a good light by fans and critics. The same applies to sports bars, which need to make sure that regulars and newcomers alike have a reason to come to your location. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how you can increase your bar’s online review backlog to give people even more of a reason to come to your sports bar. Why Online Reviews Matter for Sports Bars Many people think online reviews only apply to fancy restaurants, hotels, and service or retail businesses. The truth is that online [...]

How Sports Bars Can Win the Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of my favorite events of the year. Full disclosure, I ride 100+ miles a week during the summer and think this sport is amazing. However, that shouldn’t distract from the fact that it’s a cool event that fills in content in July, which could otherwise be a pretty barren month. The trick is how to market for it…or if you even should. So, let’s explore the event and see if we can benefit from it. Tour de France 101 To start, the Tour de France (TDF) is a 23-day event with some of the most interesting visual content you’ll ever see on TV. The race ranges all over France from the countryside to the sea and everything in between. They visit both the Pyrenees in the West, and the Alps in the East for [...]

How Sports Bars Can Market Their Food During the World Cup

With the World Cup mere days away, hungry fans are salivating like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of soccer. They will also be salivating in bars to watch their team in action along with other hungry fans. Why? Because it’s always more enjoyable watching and cheering along with others in a social setting. Restaurant Promo Ideas states that screening the World Cup in your bar will definitely boost your revenues. Aside from the themed décor and many large screen televisions, it will be the food and drink that will play a large part in keeping the patrons in your bar. We’d like to present you with three ideas to help you promote your food and attract those hungry World Cup crowds. Add Russian Dishes to The Menu With Russia hosting this year’s tournament, it is the perfect excuse to incorporate Russian [...]

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The One Soccer Promotion Every Sports Bar Should Run

Heineken has come up with a simple, but elegant soccer-themed promotion that we encourage everyone to participate in. The World Cup is a bit of a mystery to many North American operators. We have sports on lockdown in these parts and football doesn’t mean soccer here. So, every four years when the World Cup boots off, our operators grow concerned they won’t be able to take advantage of the event. This year’s tournament is further complicated by being in Russia where the time is 7 hours ahead of the US East Coast. Determining a promotion that will engage your football fans (sorry, it’s just not soccer outside the US) can be complicated. So, here’s how the promotion works… Heineken provides all the marketing materials you need to promote their RAISE THE SCARF promotion. Any guest that buys four bottles of [...]

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6 Infographics to Get You Ready for the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is just a few short weeks away. If you haven't yet, you should be marketing the World Cup to your guests right now to build up anticipation. To get your sports bar ready, here are six infographics detailing what you and your guests can expect from the World Cup this year. Share 'em with your staff so they continue to be sports experts for your guests, and share 'em on your website and social media to garner up some conversation with guests and soccer fans. 1. The 32 Teams That Reached The 2018 World Cup It's been a long road but World Cup qualifying has ended and we now know all 32 soccer teams who will compete at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Peru and Australia were the last two teams to [...]

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How Sports Bars Can Market International Soccer Tournaments

Once every four years the world comes together to celebrate the Beautiful Game with the biggest international soccer tournament. Soccer fans, long suffering in the United States, can now watch the entire tournament on ESPN and have been able to for several iterations. This year’s event is being held in Russia and is sure to be one of the world’s most watched sporting events. This means it’s popular and easily available. So, sports bar operators better have some solid marketing ready to give guests a reason to check out the games at your joint. That leads us, inexorably, here to discuss the best ways restaurants and bars are celebrating the world championship of soccer (could I sound any more American with that description?). But, in fact, that’s exactly one of the ways you can leverage the tournament, by using good [...]

9 Ways Sports Bars Can Use Video Games as an Opportunity for Growth

The arcade-bar/video game night has seen a boom in popularity and a lot of it has to do with timing. For those of us whom grew up with video games, we are now at the age where we can appreciate a good drink at a nice bar surrounded by friends. This is where the two melds together perfectly, creating the arcade-bar, the restaurant industry’s latest trend. The theory within the bar arcade or video game nights is simple: People have something fun to do while eating and drinking. Games are fun and will  transfer into people staying longer and spending more. And if it’s just fun enough, your guests will come back week after week and then boom! Successful game night. Video games and board games can blend seamlessly through different sections of your bar. Think stations. People can find [...]