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Can My Guide Shows Me Listings for All RSNs?2018-03-29T12:12:02-04:00


If you purchase the NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice or MLB Extra Innings, when the game ends all you (and your guest) sees is a blank screen. Thankfully you can avoid this by showing events playing on the regional sports networks (RSN). The SportsTV Guide lists all RSN channels for the games, so you avoid showing your guests nothing.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Launch your SportsTV Guide
  2. Click Settings and then Channels
  3. Check the “Display all regional sports networks” box
  4. Save & Exit

That’s it!

I Want My Guide to Show Me Games Playing During My Business Hours Only2018-03-29T11:55:51-04:00

The SportsTV Guide now lets you filter out games that are outside your regular business hours. This means your guide is shorter, cleaner and only displaying events on TV when you’re open for business.

  1. Login to your SportsTV Guide
  2. Click Settings and then Business Hours
  3. Click the box “Check here to only display listing during my business hours”
  4. Mark in your opening and closing times
  5. Save & Exit

And that’s it!

How Can I get a New Guide Link?2018-03-29T11:39:19-04:00

Can’t find your email or need a new guide link sent to you? Fortunately, getting a new one is pretty simple.

  1. First, go to https://guide.thedailyrail.com/
  2. Next, type in your email and hit “Email Me a Login Link”
  3. Check your email for the new guide link.

If you did this and aren’t seeing the new link in your inbox, check your Spam and Promotion folders. Sometimes the emails get sent there. Annoying, we know.

How Can I Print My Football Weekly Preview Guide?2017-08-29T10:29:04-04:00

Printing a copy of your Football Weekly Preview is simple.

  1. Open your email client and find your SportsTV Guide email.
  2. Click View Your Guide
  3. Under Select Dates click the Weekly button. Choose This Week.
  4. Under Select Views click the All Sports button. Choose Football.
  5. Then hit the Print Listings button in the right corner above the search bar.
  6. A PDF version of your Guide will appear that you can print out as a hard copy.

You can also print out next week’s version of the Football Weekly Preview by choosing Next Week under the Weekly button.

How Can I Print My Guide?2017-07-19T14:27:23-04:00

Printing the guide is easy:

1. Open your email.
2. Click View Your Guide.
3. Click Print Listing and preview your guide.
4. Click the print icon.
5. Click Print

And that’s it!

How Do I Set Up My Guide?2017-07-19T14:32:54-04:00

Setting up your Sports TV Guide is easy!

1. Enter your Zip Code.
2. Enter your Time Zone.
3. Choose your Programming Providers.
4. Click Go To My Guide that’s it!

I Sent The Guide To My Friend But It Isn’t Working2017-07-11T10:51:12-04:00

We’re a business, and to keep the SportsTV Guide running, we actually have to charge the people who use it. A single link can only be opened by two computers, so if you’re forwarding it to your friends it’s not going to work.

But, anyone can try the SportsTV Guide for 30 days free! Click here.

I Didn’t Get Today’s Email2018-03-29T11:33:51-04:00

Oh no! We send the email every day, but sometimes our email can end up in your promotions folder, or junk folder. Add the SportsTV Guide to your contacts so we always make it directly to your inbox. Still can’t find it? Click here.

Tips for Making Sure the SportsTV Guide is Always in Your Inbox

  1. Add us to your contacts.
  2. Mark us as a “Safe Sender.”
  3. Set-up an Inbox filter.
  4. Download our V-Card
Where’s The Attachment?2017-07-19T15:06:44-04:00

We no longer send an attachment for service. Instead, you can access your guide online and print it from there.

You’ll receive a daily email from the SportsTV Guide by The Rail every morning with a “View Your Guide” link that will take you to your custom guide page. These links are always good for 48 hours, so if you don’t have today’s email, you can still use yesterday’s. If you don’t have either, you can click here to request a new link.

My Guide Is Set For The Wrong Timezone2017-07-19T14:42:09-04:00

That’s an easy fix. Go to your guide and click Settings under Customize Listings. In the drop down menu click Location, make sure your zip code and time zone are correct. Click Step Two and check that your Program Providers are correct. Then click Save Changes.

Can the SportsTV Guide Show Cable & Satellite?2017-07-19T14:44:57-04:00

Yes! When you choose your programming provider you can choose two!

Go to your guide, click Customize Listings, click Settings, and select Providers from the drop down menu. You can check off up to two program providers. Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

I Want My SportsTV Guide To Show Only Certain Sports/Channels/Languages2017-07-19T14:48:56-04:00

It’s pretty simple. Click Settings and then Channels. From there you can disable sports you don’t want to appearing on your guide. You can also disable channels by language, or by channel.

Note: Only check off the boxes of items you don’t want showing on your guide.

My Guide Is Too Long2017-07-19T14:56:15-04:00

If your Guide is showing more than one day, you can change it to show programming from a single day.

Under Select Dates click Daily and select the schedule from the day you wish to view from the dropdown menu.

You can also hide the games broadcast in foreign language. Under Customize Listings, click Settings from the dropdown menu click Channels. Under Disable By Language check which languages you want to suppress. Don’t forget to click Save & Exit.

My Guide Is On The Wrong Day2017-12-04T14:30:28-04:00

You can set the guide to show a single day or several days. Under Select Dates click Daily and select Today.

You can also have the guide show a custom selection of dates. Click Weekly, then click Choose Dates from the dropdown menu.

Note: Your Guide won’t automatically show today’s listings; it saves whatever your Guide was last set to. If your Guide was set to show “Tomorrow’s Guide” when you last logged in it will continue to show the Guide for the following day. 

My Guide Isn’t Showing Anything2017-07-19T15:00:41-04:00

Did you type something into the search bar above the guide? Clear the field and hit enter. Still nothing? Try refreshing the page.  If that doesn’t work, contact us at 1.877.291.7838 x103 or at sportstvguide@thedailyrail.com.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Email us and we’ll work to help you right away.