The SportsTV Guide Widget:
Show You’re Serious About Sports

The SportsTV Guide Widget lets you embed what games you can show right onto your website. It’s perfect for promoting sporting events with your guests.

Just embed the widget on your website and promote the feature to your guests via your newsletters and social media followers.

And it’s as simple as copying and pasting just four lines of code. No need for any coding knowledge or routine maintenance. The SportsTV Guide widget automatically updates with the games you can show at your venue, based on your location and providers.

And best part? It’s included in your SportsTV Guide subscription at no extra cost.

Lets your guests know your serious about showing sports.

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6 Reasons to Use the SportsTV Guide Widget

  • Easy to use. Just copy & paste four lines of code onto your website.

  • No extra cost! The SportsTV Guide Widget is free with your SportsTV Guide subscription.

  • No maintenance. The Widget updates automatically, so you can worry about running your business.

  • Custom to you. The Widget is automatically customized to your location and program providers.

  • Great promotional tool. Use the SportsTV Guide Widget to promote what games you can show to your guests, and show you’re serious about sports.

  • Works on all platforms. Just paste the short Widget code into your preferred website’s page and publish.

  • Great for social media. Use the SportsTV Guide Widget to promote what games you can show to your social media followers.

Customize Your Widget Experience

Embedding the SportsTV Guide Widget is simple as copying and pasting four lines of code into your webpage. It’s clean, straightforward, and easy to use. But we know some of you want full control over the look, feel, and experience of of your website — and that includes the SportsTV Guide Widget.

With our API, you’ll be able to pull in the SportsTV Guide schedule information and fully customize it to look and operate exactly how you want. Now you get the Widget to match your restaurant’s branding and flow perfectly on your website. At no extra cost.

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