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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Stats for Creating the Perfect Gameday Menu

Sponsored by RO*TEL With your gameday menu in full swing, you’ll want to stay on top of emerging trends and customer preferences in order to adapt to changing tastes. Conversations with your guests are vital in this regard, but only as a microcosm. To get ahead of the curve, you’ll want to take a look at things on a larger scale. Analyzing statistics from outside your doors can clue you into the next big thing in the industry before it even hits your area. Consider it a way to buy in on the ground floor. If you could hop in a time machine and go back to 2005 to be the first restaurant in your city to put sriracha on your menu, you’d take that kind of buzz in a heartbeat. Sadly, you can’t do that, but with market research [...]

How to Successfully Execute Your Gamday Menu

Sponsored by Conagra RO*TEL Gameday has finally come. You’ve visualized, created, tested, and perfected your menu, in theory. Now comes the execution. Just like the teams playing on your flat-screens on gameday, your staff must play their roles, cooperate smoothly, and remember the common goal they’re all working for. Gameday Starts with the Front of House Staff Your hosts and hostesses need to control the pace of operations and ensure the guests are being seated with the proper menus. It may seem like it can go without saying, but no shortcuts today. Make sure your hosts team know to only gives guests the gameday menus during the right times. Dropping your full menu when your kitchen is set up for fewer offerings can be a disaster. Even one table ordering rogue when you’re not properly prepped sets your kitchen behind [...]

How to Market Your Gameday Menu

Sponsored by Conagra RO*TEL Your new gameday menu will be a vital spoke on your marketing wheel when it comes time to promoting your overhauled gameday experience. Determining the strengths of the menu and presenting them front and center will help sell guests both new and old on why your establishment deserves the marathon sessions of patronage that come with a full day of sports indulgence. In-House Marketing Your Gameday Menu First, let’s discuss the in-house marketing and how to turn your visitors into repeat customers. Whether you’re using time-tested staples like posters, table stands, and other print materials, or are using digital displays such as tabletop tablets, the goal is the same: get your guests thinking about their next visit before they’ve even paid tonight’s bill. Intrigue and exclusivity can be incredibly valuable cards in your deck. When your [...]

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance: Building & Testing Your Gameday Menu

Sponsored by Conagra RO*TEL Composing and perfecting your gameday menu should begin long before the season does. When considering all aspects of the menu -- from ordering to execution -- balance should be at the front of your brain. Just like your full menu, you never want your special offerings to come off as one-note or repetitive. Varying proteins, textures, temperatures, flavors, cooking methods, and price points ensures that every guest can find something to entice them. This same attention to parity on the line will keep any one station from getting bogged down during the gameday rush. Your kitchen cannot operate at maximum efficiency if your grill cook has a half-full rail while your sauté station has printer tickets about to hit the floor. Spreading the load is vital. Ideally, your grill and sauté cooks should be the strongest [...]

Can a Specialized Gameday Menu Help Your Restaurant’s Efficiency?

Sponsored by Conagra RO*TEL You have a dinner menu. You have a lunch menu. You have a brunch menu, a function menu, a cocktail list, a wine list, a beer list, and about 20 more slates of options. Creating another specialized menu probably gives you a little apprehension but rest assured that a properly planned and executed gameday menu will relieve far more headaches than it causes. Picture your sports nights. Whether it be football, college basketball, or the Olympics, there should be throngs of hungry and thirsty guests packing your building. You need quick food, but not “fast food.” The difference always boils down to quality. Anyone can take frozen, prepackaged, ready-to-eat dishes and heat them up in the blink of an eye. You’d be hard-pressed, however, to find a group of people excited to spend a Sunday afternoon [...]

SURVEY: Do Sports Bars Show Women’s Sports?

According to a recent Nielsen report, 84% of sports fans are interested in watching women's sports. But are sports bars taking advantage of that fandom? That's what we're hoping to find out in this short, few-questions survey. Once we get the results, we'll publish them in an infographic juxtaposed to the Nielsen results. We'll also provide some tips for how sports bar operators and managers can identify and maximize the opportunities showing women's sports on TV can bring them.   powered by Typeform

Creating & Executing the Perfect College Basketball Tournament Menu Experience

Sponsored by the maker of Tyson Red Label® Wings Since its expansion to the field of 64 in 1985, the Men’s College Basketball Tournament has become one of the most popular and successful sporting events in the nation. Now with four additional play-in games, the 68 teams play a total of 67 games over the course of three weeks. The hype and fever surrounding the tournament is infectious, spreading to office pools, friendly wagers, and campus rallies throughout the country. For bars and restaurants, this can represent a steady stream of revenue in an otherwise slow time of year. Professional football has recently wrapped its season up, while professional basketball and hockey are playing out their final regular weeks before the playoffs begin. The excitement around the basketball tournament fills this gap and can bring in a slew of new [...]

Why Sports Bars Need OTT Sports Programming to be the Best

There are a lot of sports bars in the US, so sticking out as being different and the best can be pretty challenging. Most often, operators look toward doing something crazy or fancy with their beer and food menus. And often this is can create a fantastic little niche for many locations. But there are more and more bars out there with a beer list the length of War and Peace. And frankly, if you’re a tried & true sports bar, your guests are coming to your location for one reason beyond all others – to watch sports. So, it would stand to reason that you’d want to give your guests the best possible viewing experience. Be it from the best TV screens, personal audio, a fantasy sports-friendly atmosphere, etc. But sports bar operators would also be wise to create [...]

How Sports Bars Can Market International Soccer Tournaments

Once every four years the world comes together to celebrate the Beautiful Game with the biggest international soccer tournament. Soccer fans, long suffering in the United States, can now watch the entire tournament on ESPN and have been able to for several iterations. This year’s event is being held in Russia and is sure to be one of the world’s most watched sporting events. This means it’s popular and easily available. So, sports bar operators better have some solid marketing ready to give guests a reason to check out the games at your joint. That leads us, inexorably, here to discuss the best ways restaurants and bars are celebrating the world championship of soccer (could I sound any more American with that description?). But, in fact, that’s exactly one of the ways you can leverage the tournament, by using good [...]

It’s Not the NFL’s Fault

When the founder of Papa John’s decided to blame the NFL for his sagging sales, he was met with some pretty heavy hits from other pizza players in the market. Both Domino’s and Pizza Hut (arch-enemies, BTW) came out in response to dispute the claim. Now we have another food service put blame on the NFL and the league’s declining ratings for sales woes -- Sanderson Farms, Inc. The chicken wing company’s CEO made claims that their long run of high wing prices has ended because of waning interest in the league. A little examination of this claim sure makes it hard to take seriously. Let’s start with some facts. Full-service restaurants have been seeing significant traffic declines for the past 24 months. This has been the case as wing prices have been elevated to new heights. This is a [...]

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Sports Bars Aren’t Dead, But They May Be On Life Support

If bad news comes in waves, then our industry -- and specifically the sports themed segment -- is getting rolled over by one mother of an ocean storm. For the past year, we have covered story after story lamenting the sales declines, the cannibalization of full-service by fast casual, and the enormous staffing challenges that face all operators in the current economy. This decline has been particularly hard on sports-themed operators as we have seen several high profile bankruptcies and worse-than-market sales reporting from some of our biggest players. What does all this mean for the future of the “sports bar” and is there anything you can do about it? Who’s to blame? The sales performance of full-service restaurant operators has been declining steadily for the past 18 months or so. In general, the entire segment is experiencing a shift [...]

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Sports Bars: Are You Carrying Your NFL Fans’ Favorite Beer?

Few things go better together than NFL games and a few cold beers. And we're sure your sports bar is carrying a sweet selection for your guests to choose from, but are you carrying their favorites? Fortunately for sports bars, Nielsen and BARTRENDr has done the dirty work for you and went through 2015 data of NFL fans favorite beers and hard spirits. The fine folks at VinePair made a sweet infographic, showing NFL fans favorite beers by team. Infographic: Favorite Beers of NFL Team's Fans Some stand out points: Bud Light is a fan favorite for about a third of the league. New England shows no love to hometown brewery Sam Adams, opting for Budweiser instead. Pittsburgh & Chicago love their Guinness. Arizona, New York/New Jersey & San Fran enjoy Blue Moon. Buffalo stands as the lone Miller Light town. [...]

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