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What are eSports? [VIDEO]

What are eSports, you wonder? While sports bars and restaurants are keen on showing traditional sports, eSports remains a relatively untapped market. Learn what eSports are and get an overview on what the competitive gaming market looks today and predictions for the future. This is the first in a series of videos that explain the eSports market and help guide sports bars and restaurants into breaking into the industry, connect to eSports fans and tap into the competitive gaming market. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Superdata's eSports Market Brief Venturebeat.com: eSports Market Growth Wikipedia: eSports LoL eSports home ESPN's eSports coverage eSports stadium image by ESL (Helena Kristiansson)

Twitter to Live-Stream NFL Games; Yahoo! Gets the NHL, MLB & PGA

Sports Internet live-streaming has just become a little more mainstream with the NFL and NHL officially getting into the game. Twitter has won the rights to stream NFL games. The social media site will stream 10 Thursday night football games (the games will still be shown on NBC, CBS, NFLN) during the 2016 season. No word on how Twitter will be integrating the feature but it's been speculated that it could fit under the site's Moments feature. The NFL is using Thursday night games, which draws a smaller audience, as it's guinea pig to see how digital distribution works. Things could get interesting in 2021 when the NFL's current broadcast contracts expire. Similarly, the NHL and Yahoo! recently announced a partnership to live-stream NHL games for free and with no subscription required. The partnership allows Yahoo! to air up to four NHL games a week. [...]

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Video: Why Sports Bars Need to Stream Web-only Games

I have been preaching for years that the way TV will be consumed in the future is going to change. When the NFL aired a game on Yahoo! this season I was proven clairvoyant. The NFL’s experiment was a perfect use case for understanding the future of live sports on the Internet. USA Today broke down what they thought were the pros and cons of the live stream. Pros: Focused on the mobile experience and the picture quality. US Today compared the game to broadcast quality and lauded the production values. Cons: Some technical issues with buffering and it wasn’t on a TV, so screen size was limited. That is to say, the NFL is better viewed on a big TV. However, the biggest revelation is the number of people unable to stream the game from their computers to their TVs because they lack the technical expertise. This means [...]

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