And here it comes again…March in all its Madness!

For sports-themed operators this is more like Christmas than St. Paddy’s Day. The first two days of full bracket play, featuring 64 teams from every corner of the country. All with the hope they can win it all. Of course, after Thursday and Friday, it calms a bit — unless your local team is still alive, then the real madness begins. The good news is there are no surprises in this one. You always have a minimum of two days to prepare for whatever happens with your local entrant.

Download Your 2018 March Madness TV Schedule

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As far as your schedules are concerned, the games are spread out over the entire day on Thursday and Friday, so that really equalizes the volume. There are never more than four games on at one time for the first two days. The round of 32 is much the same, with games raging from noon ET to 9:30 pm on both days. In the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, there are only two games, but during prime time there are as many as four airing in the same time window.

From a broadcast perspective, it’s a very easy event to manage. The games are exclusively on the 4 CBS outlets including truTV(246), TBS(247), TNT(245) and local CBS. Be forewarned the network will leave a game while it’s at halftime or when another game ends. There will be gaps between their next games. This can be disconcerting because you might have people thinking their game was turned off. Patience is your only strategy here. Remember, they’re all convinced their team is going to win it all.

Have a great three weeks of tourney action. We will provide updates with each round and keep you ready for whatever comes next…GO (Fill in your favorite team name here)!