Would you believe me if I told you that May might be a top 3 month for sports programming? Sure, you’ll think of March for the NCAA basketball tournaments and the beginning of MLB. Or maybe you favor September because finally football returns, but neither of those months eclipse the number of major events that happen in May. From major sports in playoffs to a myriad of NCAA Championships, the month boasts a ton of important games and events that draw guests to visit your restaurant.

Let’s start with the obvious: the NBA and NHL playoffs are deep into their runs with the conference semifinals starting the month and finishing with the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals. This ensures that almost every night during the month of May there are serious games with elimination implications and championships in contention. Couple this with springtime MLB baseball and from a professional sports perspective May is an awesome month.

That awesomeness also extends to European soccer where both UEFA leagues (Champions and Europa) finish their semifinal legs and host their finals at the end of the month. This means three weeks of play for UEFA in May and lots of late afternoon events to attract guests to your restaurant. With a full month to market, you can probably drive a lot of interested European ex-pats to visit your restaurant and watch their annual Super Bowl.

The NCAA is also super busy in May with a huge litany of championships decided. The biggest television audience will be for the Men’s Lacrosse National Championship happening on Memorial Day weekend again this year. However, it doesn’t end with lacrosse. The NCAA also hosts their tennis, golf, track & field, water polo, and volleyball championships all month long. They are listed on your monthly guide where space is available, but this link is a nice resource, if you are looking for more obscure NCAA events in advance. Any NCAA event that is televised will be listed on your daily guide as normal.

So sure, May means warmer weather and more folks opting to be outside, but that doesn’t make it the summer where your real work to drive traffic lay. Nope, May has a ton of built in programming that will drive traffic and likely make it one the best months you don’t think about during the whole year. Enjoy and enjoy the volume, because summer is right around the corner and May is the beginning of the end of sports on TV volume until late August.


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April is the month everyone is convinced that spring will arrive and, when it comes to sports, it totally delivers. The fourth month of the year hosts so many different happenings in sports as to make you yearn for the quiet of July. It boots off with the Men’s NCAA National Basketball Championship and runs right through completing the first round of both the NBA and NHL Playoffs. Consider to that Major League Baseball is returning to action and the UEFA playoffs winding down and you know why April is the most deceiving sports calendar of the year.

At a glance, it doesn’t look like much is going on, but the reality is, April is really busy. In NCAA sports, the March Madness Finals and the Hockey Frozen Four are both feature events for the month. In their own playoffs, the United European Football Association (UEFA) completes their quarter finals as well. And of course, there is the NFL Draft that is sorting all those former college football stars into their new homes.

However, it’s the playoffs in both the NHL and NBA that dominate the month’s schedule. Both leagues include 16 teams in their playoffs. This will lead to incredible live sporting events all month long, 7 days a week.

The premier jewel in the month of April’s crown is The Masters Tournament. This is the ultimate springtime ritual. The Azalea’s, Amen Corner and the Green Jacket are all fixtures that remind us the winter is tarrying no longer and that spring has finally arrived. In any event, April is never what you think it will be and it’s always better than you ever expected, when it’s over. Have a great time with my favorite month of the sports calendar year.