March Madness is a perfect way to describe one of the busiest months of the year in sports. Basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and even auto-racing, have major events that land squarely in the month. The weather typically relents just enough for folks to feel good about being out and consequently visiting your restaurant to watch sports.

Unsurprisingly, NCAA basketball is the star of the month of March. With both the men’s and women’s tournaments ending the second half of the month. Add to that the conference tournaments that start the month and you have a recipe for guest interest. The NCAA conference championships do more than crown conference winners, they also determine who is in and who gets snubbed. Oh and that doesn’t even mention the NIT, CBI and College Insider events. March is for basketball and you need little proof more to believe than the full schedule of NCAA games to know it.

But basketball is hardly the limit for March. Major League Baseball is in full swing with their exhibition season. Teams are playing daily and guests like to watch their favorite teams and dream of visiting them during spring training. The best part is, Opening Day ends the month with the bang and aids the transition to an equally busy April

In addition to those traditional top four sports (football, baseball, basketball & hockey) we also have a few great events that happen in March. The UEFA begins their playoff season with round of 16 play in both the Champions and Europa Leagues. Auto-racing also heats up with NASCAR fully underway and Formula One and Indy Racing League also kicking off in March.

So, what will you market to? March Madness with a traditional bracket competition, MLB baseball for fantasy draft parties or maybe UEFA Champions playoff watch parties? Any of these will bear fruit as you entice guests to choose your place for their sports viewing. Tell us what your focus is for March. We’d love to share your success with all of the Daily Rail readers.


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February is the busiest month of the year for sports — that nobody loves. No, it’s true. It’s the heart of the NCAA basketball season and the NHL and NBA are in full swing. Add to that UEFA and the return to NASCAR and you’ve got a great month to market. If you start now, you’ll be able to take advantage of some one-time events like the Daytona 500 or the NBA All-Star Game, not to mention Super Bowl LIII.

Each year in February we are reminded of the real value we provide our subscribers. There are literally hundreds more games weekly in February than in October, the height of Football. And, February does boast the Super Bowl a great bonus Sunday during an otherwise moribund sales month. That’s why sports is valuable during the second month of the year.

As we said, NCAA hoops, NBA and NHL are fully engaged in February and you get the NBA All-Star game. But the content isn’t limited to the traditional sports. NASCAR hosts their own super bowl with the Daytona 500 mid-month and UEFA Champions League soccer has a home-away knock round schedule starting the third week of the month. As if that’s not enough, pitchers and catchers report mid-month as well.

Now is the time to plan your marketing for these and any specific game events you want to target. You will be busy for the next four Sundays with NFL football fans and those are just the people you want to reach. Let them know what you are doing to attract basketball fans or UEFA football supporters. It’s plenty of time to plan, prep and execute. Let us know what you are planning and we can will feature it on our blog.