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When you think of sports in November, you can’t help that football immediately comes to mind. The month is filled with it, both college and pro, however, the month is also filled with some other great action. From the end of the NASCAR Championship races to world class tennis, November isn’t just busy with NHL, NBA and football. Oh and don’t forget NCAA Basketball tips off as well. If you are prepared you can turn this into a great time to engage guests and create new regulars.

The NFL in November finishes its third quarter of their season. This is significant, because it’s here that so many NFL teams are finally and fully eliminated. In the NCAA Football scene, November is the end of the regular season. From Rivalry Weekend on November 24th to Championship Weekend beginning on November 30th, the Bowl Matchups will be set at the end of that weekend.

While football dominates, it’s hardly alone in November. The NHL and NBA are well underway in November with nationally televised games during the week, although their serious weekend scheduling doesn’t start until late December. Add to that NCAA Basketball and you have a great month for five of the six top North American sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA FB, NCAA Basketball).

If you have guests that are interested in more than just the established favorites, you have tons of great action. NASCAR hosts its final three races of the season to determine their champion. In tennis, you have both the ATP Men’s Tour Final, but also the Davis Cup finals as well. Round that out with UEFA two weeks in November and you have a busy month for pretty much every sport.

So, with this much sport going on why not take advantage of the additional traffic? It’s an easy opportunity to promote your feature programs and seed the bed for traffic during the remainder of the year. Whether you implement an NCAA Basketball promotion or something related to the NBA or NHL, now is the peak time for traffic during your football season. Let us know what you are focusing on for November so we can report it to our community. Just email us or use the comments section below.


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As October arrives and the light lessens whilst you pull out your sweaters, we also enter my favorite sports month of the year. October has got it all. From the MLB playoffs to the ongoing football season, there’s something for everyone. Sure football is the engine that drives the bus, but you also have both the NHL and the NBA booting off play to varying degrees and the NASCAR Cup Chase. With live football 6+ days a week and all the other action, October won’t stop being my favorite sports month anytime soon.

The fall is defined by football and there is plenty of it. Of October’s 31 days only seven are football free. From the Week 6 featured matchups of Texas/Oklahoma and Florida St/Miami (FL) to Week 8 with Michigan/Michigan St, there are too many great games to list them all. The same is true of the NFL in October. The primetime matchups are the best we’ve seen in years. No longer with Thursday, Sunday or Monday night’s games be snoozers between teams of no consequence. From rivalry games like Dallas/Houston (Week 5) or Oakland/San Francisco (Week 9) to intriguing matchups like Green Bay/New England (Week 9) finally the primetime games don’t suck.

But don’t fret if you aren’t that interested in football because October offers plenty of other great stuff. The NHL drops the puck on their regular season on the 3rd. The NBA is only a few weeks behind with their first games on the 16th. This means great live games seven days a week between the leagues. Whether you are catching nationally televised NHL games on NBCSN (220) or the NBA on TNT (245) and ESPN (206), you won’t lack for content for guests to enjoy.

We don’t want to focus exclusively on the traditional North American sports, because October offers so much more. There are two UEFA Champions League match days on October 1st and the 22nd. Europa runs their schedule on the 3rd and 24th. This means great international football (soccer) action will be added to the MLS and NCAA schedules that crowd the month.

So, if you are looking for action in October, our calendar will demonstrate how rich the schedule is for the month. Download the schedule and find that gem event that you want to promote or just don’t be surprised by the big things next month. Either way, it’s gonna be a great month…just sayin’.