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Football is back in full swing in September, FINALLY! While that’s likely the only news you care about for the month, you are actually missing a much wider and more interesting picture. September is always about starting up again. Football leads the way, but other sports are also getting rolling during the last month of summer.

The month begins with both NCAA and NFL football getting underway in earnest. NCAA football kicks off the month with games starting the first weekend in September including a rare Monday Night game on the 3rd. The NFL season debuts a week later with their customary Thursday night kick-off and ending with two games of their own on the 10th.

Yes, football drives the bus, but other sports are relevant here as well. September also marks the return of major tennis to Flushing Meadows and the always popular US Open. The tennis is follow closely by the third gems of cycling, La Vuelta Espana. Oh and don’t forget UEFA Soccer also storms into fall starting in September.

As if all that action isn’t enough, NASCAR drops the flag on their playoffs beginning with the September 16th race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While that’s happening, NHL training camps open on September 14th. Also, the MLB season ends at the end of the month, so you’ll have the pennant races to look forward to as well.

Overall, September is a transition month for sports. Operators universally welcome it, but are frequently disappointed by it. However, the right type of preparation can ensure the change from summer doldrums to a kick ass football week goes smoothly. You have a month, so get started now and have a great month.

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While summers in general are quiet times for our industry, August is still a solid month for one simple reason: FOOTBALL. Yup, between the NFL Preseason anticipation and the beginning of the NCAA Football schedule things start to brighten just as summer starts to fade. Add to football’s return, events like the US Open Tennis tournament and you’ll see the end of summer is actually a pretty good time in our industry.

Full NFL practices begin in mid-July, but the first games are the beginning of August. With 16 games per week, there is something for everyone. Remember that not all NFL Preseason games are televised nationally. Unlike the regular season, there is no NFL Sunday Ticket for the preseason. You’ll have access to plenty of games, but not all of them. However, this is still a great time to be marketing for your Fantasy Draft events.

At the end of the month, you’ll see the NCAA season return to close out August with a bang. Also, in August you have the USGA’s premier non-professional event, the US Amateur. Future stars are introduced here and this event has a storied history. But tennis isn’t the only premier event in August, the US Tennis Open also invades Flushing Meadows for two weeks of amazing play.

Sure, August is the biggest vacation month of the year, but that doesn’t mean sports are out of the office. We suggest you drop in a couple of fun promotions to entice your guests. Maybe do a pool on the US Open Tennis or ask our guests to pick the winners of each week’s preseason games. Engage your visitors and you can convince them yours is the place to spend their fall watching football and everything else.