Few things go better together than NFL games and a few cold beers. And we’re sure your sports bar is carrying a sweet selection for your guests to choose from, but are you carrying their favorites?

Fortunately for sports bars, Nielsen and BARTRENDr has done the dirty work for you and went through 2015 data of NFL fans favorite beers and hard spirits. The fine folks at VinePair made a sweet infographic, showing NFL fans favorite beers by team.

Infographic: Favorite Beers of NFL Team’s Fans

NFL fans favorite beer map

Some stand out points:

  • Bud Light is a fan favorite for about a third of the league.
  • New England shows no love to hometown brewery Sam Adams, opting for Budweiser instead.
  • Pittsburgh & Chicago love their Guinness.
  • Arizona, New York/New Jersey & San Fran enjoy Blue Moon.
  • Buffalo stands as the lone Miller Light town.

To find out some of the most popular spirits, head over to Nielsen.