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If last week’s NFL upsets and excitement is any indication how the remaining three weeks of play will go, then we are all in for a treat. What was once a fairly settled matter, about who was contending for playoff spots, is suddenly muddier than ever. Ten teams that aren’t atop their divisions or leading in a weak group are still in contention for the playoffs. Since most of the final four games of the season are taken up with divisional play, this week and next are pivotal for several teams.

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In the AFC North, for example, there are three teams with legitimate opportunity to win the division. If you are a Cleveland fan, your road goes through another team in contention’s home field in Denver; meanwhile division leading Pittsburgh hosts a pretty angry New England Patriots. Baltimore may have the only easy time with Tampa Bay visiting them after their disappointing loss to conference leading Kansas City. No matter who wins next week, we are likely to see too many scenarios and the season will come down to the last games — as the NFL hopes it will.

Over in the NCAA, the bowl season begins in earnest on Saturday with five early bowl matchups. The most interesting game of the day is likely Fresno St vs. Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl. The NCAA Division Football Championship series has reached its semifinals with Friday’s North Dakota State vs. South Dakota State game, followed on Saturday by Maine vs. Eastern Washington. While most folks aren’t focused on the Division IA games, it’s still really good football and the stakes are high.

So have a great weekend of football and, as always, reach out with any successes you have had marketing and managing football. We would love to talk about them with our whole audience and give you credit for your innovation.


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