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10/11 -10/15

Here we go! Finally a week of football with tons of great games. In the NFL alone there are 11 games with spreads of under four points. The NCAA has three games between ranked teams that will light up excitement in conference play and the CFL (yes, we actually mention the CFL once in a while) reaches its final four weeks before the playoffs. This will be a great week of football, to be sure.

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The NFL has long bragged about the parity of their league. In 2018, this is clearly on display. There are only 14 games this week due to the beginning of the bye schedule, but 12 of those games have close spreads of 3.5 or fewer points. This means only the Arizona/Minnesota and Buffalo/Houston games have spreads of greater than 4 points. That leaves us with 12 competitive games over three days of NFL games. Given that no team is without a loss and every team in the league is still in contention, Week 6 may be the best of the season…we’ll see.

In the NCAA, there aren’t as many close matchups, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of great games for guests to watch. At 3:30pm ET on Saturday we have the best game of the week with (3) Georgia heading to Death Valley to take on (13) LSU. With Georgia installed as a 7.5 point favorite, things should be fun in Baton Rouge. Also at the late afternoon slot is (7) Washington visiting (17) Oregon, which could totally shake up the PAC12. Finally, we have a Big 10 game between (15) Wisconsin and (12) Michigan.

There are plenty of other marquis matchups on Saturday, like intrastate rivals Baylor and (9)Texas squaring off in Austin and (19)Colorado trying to move up in the PAC12 while taking on USC. With over 100 games schedule, the NCAA will have something for everyone, this week.

The CFL is our final comment this week. They are in the last 4 weeks of their season and things are definitely heating up in anticipation of the playoffs and the Road to the 106th Grey Cup. There are two dominating teams this season, with Saskatchewan and Calgary way ahead of the field. If you are looking for some fun alternative Saturday content, check out their schedule.

So, that should be enough to keep us all busy this week. How is your season going thus far? We are always interested in your feedback. Tell us how it’s going and we’ll discuss your experience in a future Daily Rail newsletter.

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