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Welcome to January in the NFL. Four weeks left of football — if you include the NFL Pro Bowl (which gets amazing TV ratings, BTW). The Wild Card weekend and Divisional Playoffs both feature Saturday and Sunday NFL games followed by the Conference Championships and finally the Super Bowl, this year in Atlanta, GA.

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The first weekend of football are the four Wild Card games. The seeds that didn’t qualify for the first round bye play to determine who will visit the two best seeds in the conference. For example: Kansas City is the highest seed and can only play the remaining lowest seed. This means that they will only play one of the Wild Card teams (LA Chargers or Indianapolis) or the lowest remaining divisional winner other than New England (Baltimore in this case). For New England, they will play the highest remaining seed which includes LA, Houston and Baltimore.

The Conference Championships are both on Sunday the 20th. The NFC games is the early start at 3pm EST and the AFC is on at 6:40pm EST on CBS. This is the final multi-game weekend of the season and is always a great day of football.

This year’s finale in Atlanta is preceded only by the Pro Bowl in Orlando, FL. The NFL in 2019 made a bit of a comeback from ratings flops over the past couple of seasons and it will be interesting how it all finishes up. For sure, we will be missing its volume driving appeal, but we have plenty of great sports available as the 2018 NFL season fades and 2019 rings in NCAA Hoops, NBA, NHL and even MLB action very soon. Have a great end of the season and thanks for riding along with us all these years.

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