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11/28 – 12/4

Alas, this is the final football preview for this season. We will send out the Bowl Schedule info as a separate email, but no more regular updates on NCAA and NFL football. It’s Championship Week for the NCAA with 10 conferences deciding their champion. The NFL is entering the last quarter of their season with all 32 teams in action again.

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When the NCAA instituted the conference championship games in the early ‘90s, not all conferences took part with the SEC leading the way (as always, it appears). However, now all the major conferences have deciding games to crown their regular season champion. We start this week with USC taking on Stanford for PAC12 bragging rights on Friday night at 8pm EST. On Saturday, you have nine more games starting with the Big 12 and finishing with the ACC and Big 10. It should be a great day for upsets and bracket busting with the best opportunity for that coming when Georgia and Alabama face off for the SEC title.

Also, don’t forget those Division I Championship playoffs. There are eight games on Saturday all on ESPN College Sports. This is some great football. While these teams aren’t as widely known, they still produce solid matchups and watchable games. With a 24 team format, lots more teams have a chance to actually win a National Championship than the Football Bowl Series can provide.

The NFL continues with mostly hard to watch games as their season draws to its conclusion. With five games sporting a touchdown or more spread, you can imagine there isn’t much to get excited about. However, there are some good matchups. Detroit at Baltimore is a pivotal game for both teams fighting for the playoffs, while the best game of the week is Philadelphia traveling to Seattle. If Philly wants to prove their season long dominance isn’t because they play in a terrible division, then a big win in Seattle is a must.

We have enjoyed this season of keeping you informed and ready for football every week. Thanks again for reading our thoughts each week and have a great end to the 2017 football season and a Happy New Year.

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