In case you live under a rock, Houston is hosting its third Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. While you make sure the kitchen manager prepares the deep fryer, and you’ve ordered enough wings to feed the armies that will gather to watch Brady dominate (sorry, we’re based in New England and just can’t help ourselves), here are some fun facts to help you get through the rest of the week.

1. A commercial spot costs 17 times what it did 50 years ago.

Super Bowl commercials are expensive

In 1967, when the Super Bowl began, a 30-second commercial spot cost $40,000 which has the buying power of $293,534 today. Last year, CBS charged $5 million for the same length spot.

More on the cost of advertising in the Super Bowl here.

2. Americans will eat 1.33 billion chicken wings for Super Bowl 51.

Football fans eat a lot of wings on Super Bowl Sunday

That’s enough to circle the Earth more than twice!

3. Roman numerals are back.

Last year, the NFL opted to suspend the roman numeral numbering system because just “L” looked kind of funny. This year, it’s back for Super Bowl “LI.”

4. The bump to Houston’s economy is staggering.

Throwing money

One million people will attend some part of the Super Bowl experience in Houston. Experts predict that about $350 million dollars will be spent by visitors over the weekend.

5. The Patriots are setting records.

Brady and Belichick are the first QB and coach combo to appear in seven Super Bowls, but if you think the odds are in their favor, you’re wrong. Odds of a Pats’ victory are at 50-50, so don’t go betting your life savings.

6. This is the 14th time the Patriots have met the Falcons.

The record between the two teams is nearly even, with the Patriots leading by one, though the last time the Falcon’s won against Belichick was over 20 years ago