//A Look Inside Upgrading Your Sports Bar’s A/V System for a Better Experience

A Look Inside Upgrading Your Sports Bar’s A/V System for a Better Experience

I often point to a survey that was done years ago by a major national chain that revealed why guests visit a sports bar. The number one reason was, “because it’s a great place to watch sports.” And that true of every sports bar.

So, how do you deliver that experience if your bar isn’t a great place to watch sports? You can change the experience for the better by updating and upgrading your audio-visual systems. There are levels of integration you can choose and there are improvements you can make that aren’t outrageously expensive. But where do you start?

We thought it might be interesting to see an example of top tier system to set a benchmark for commitment to AV systems. This one is a new Greene Turtle on Long Island that thought of everything they could include. This setup is no joke. From a state-of-the-art channel switching system to special outdoor viewing TVs, this installation has lots to teach sports bar operators. Joe Pegno of Premier Systems designed and installed the system and has provided us these photos to show the extent of this install.

He is also offering a free AV audit to see what steps you can take to reinvent your own guest viewing experience. Enjoy the slide show and don’t forget to get that audit and start on your own awesome audio visual upgrade.

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