//What to Know About the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang [Infographic]

What to Know About the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang [Infographic]

With the 2018 Winter Olympics starting this week, we peeked around to find some interesting stats surrounding the Winter Games. This year’s Olympiad is being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Sure, it’s in the shadow of the crazy that is North Korea, but there are some really interesting facts surrounding this these games. This infographic covers our favorites.

If you are rooting for the USA, then you’ll have to hope we have a lot of Norwegian immigrants on our team, because Norway leads all medal winning countries by 70. The USA is second followed by a few more of those cold weather countries.

One thing this year’s won’t be is expensive. Korea is shelling out a paltry $10 billion which is only 20% of what was spent on Sochi. But that’s not all that Vladmir Putin’s teams got wrong. The entire Russian team is not allowed to participate as a nation with 43 athletes banned for life. Those athletes that weren’t barred can participate in the games as long as they compete as “Olympic Athletes from Russia”, which is better than staying home.

Speaking of staying home, the NHL players won’t be playing for gold this time around. If you feel like you will miss them, then tune to see the three Nigerian-American women that qualified for the bobsled events. This is the first African team to ever compete in the games.

Remember the Opening Ceremony is great content and you will get a bump for Men’s Ice Hockey and Women’s Figure Skating. Otherwise you may not even notice they are going on. Check your SportsTV Guide listings to keep up with all the daily action.

Here’s what to know about the 2018 Winter Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics Facts

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