With the World Cup mere days away, hungry fans are salivating like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of soccer. They will also be salivating in bars to watch their team in action along with other hungry fans. Why? Because it’s always more enjoyable watching and cheering along with others in a social setting. Restaurant Promo Ideas states that screening the World Cup in your bar will definitely boost your revenues. Aside from the themed décor and many large screen televisions, it will be the food and drink that will play a large part in keeping the patrons in your bar.

We’d like to present you with three ideas to help you promote your food and attract those hungry World Cup crowds.

Add Russian Dishes to The Menu

With Russia hosting this year’s tournament, it is the perfect excuse to incorporate Russian cuisine into your menu. Russian cuisine is vast and draws influence from Europe all the way to Asia, with a rich history to match. It is a rich tapestry encompassing centuries of tradition coupled with political and cultural revolutions, notes the Morning Advertiser.

A few favorites recommended to add to your menu include the popular borscht which is a beetroot based soup with potatoes, beef and herbs, while a Russian Salad comprised of diced boiled potatoes, pickles, hard boiled eggs, carrots, peas and meat will also be popular. Another hearty dish to serve is beef stroganoff. All these dishes contain ingredients you already have, so putting on a Russian theme at your bar to help clients get into the World Cup spirit should be no problem.

Associate Signature Dishes to Players

Another fun way to spice up your menu is to associate some of the more well-known players with foods you serve. It’s a great way to get your staff and guests into the World Cup spirit.

Offer the Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese burger, or the Lionel Messi steak sandwich, for example. You can even go one step further and associate players to a food that they would taste like. The BBC described this as word-taste synesthesia, where people or objects are associated with the taste of certain foods. Ladbrokes conducted a professional word-taste synesthesia test on the England team, and found that captain Harry Kane would taste like sausage pieces, while Marcus Rashford would taste like friend onions. Following this taste chart, you can create a specialized menu for individual teams. It’s an easy way to entertain your guests and also have them suggest new taste and player combinations that you can serve.

World Cup Breakfast

Another innovative idea is to have a World Cup themed breakfast, as many of the group stage games will be shown during the early hours of the morning throughout The United States. Some games will be shown as early as 6 AM Eastern Time on the East coast, meaning 5 AM Central and 3 AM Pacific. We mentioned in a previous post about serving breakfast and brunch in conjunction with the matches. Depending on your region and the local laws, you’ll probably be able to open up early and serve breakfast to your hungry fans. This is perfect for the opening match on June 14, Russia versus Saudi Arabia, which will show at 8 AM Pacific, 10AM Central and 11 AM Eastern.

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