1. Because your mom would look silly in a referee uniform.

2. Because you won’t have to clean up after your incredibly sloppy friends.

You can host that party at a sports bar and they’ll do all the work, clean up after and even say thank you as you leave.

3. Because at a sports bar we never run short of hot wings and cold beer.

4. Because you might meet your future ex-spouse.

According to a 2010 Princeton Study 20.7% of you will meet your future spouse in a bar. Whether they become your “ex” is entirely up to you. Just make sure you negotiate who your favorite sports teams are in advance.

5. Because SIZE MATTERS (when it comes to TVs)!

6. Because you can’t do the wave alone.

7. Because hating on Brady, Manning, Palmer or Newton is a team sport.

Via NFL on CBS

Join your friends as they root against their favorite villains and hope that the good guys triumph over evil!

Big screen TV photo shot by LG전자.
Dinner Party Hype image by Kevin Conor Keller.