Friday, August 22, 2014
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Restaurants Serving Up a Side Order of Technology
Some of the largest casual dining chains are rolling out tabletop tablets that can eliminate some of the pain of dining out. At the same time, they’re looking at upgrades that can allow restaurant technology to work with the consumer’s own smartphone.


Great Leaders Embrace the ‘Cringe Moments’
Have to give an employee bad news? Here's why you should welcome the awkwardness--and how to overcome it.


Unengaged Email Members: What Should Restaurants Marketers Do?
Disengagement is an inevitable challenge of email marketing, but one that restaurant marketers must take steps to address on an ongoing basis.


The 17 Worst People Every Waiter Will Inevitably Serve
The huge group of teenagers: And hearing them whisper “I tipped 10%. That’s fine, right?”


The 3 Habits of Operationally Successful Restaurant Organizations
What is the highest overarching goal for your organization? Is it to achieve $1.5M in per location sales? Or are you looking to successfully open 5 new stores next year? Whatever your goal is, pin it on your wall to make sure it’s the first thing you look at every day.