Sports Bars: You Might Be Paying Too Much for DIRECTV. Let Us Help!

If you are a small group or independent sports bar or sports-themed restaurant operator, your DIRECTV expenses are a huge part of your budget each year. With many of you spending over $10,000/year on DIRECTV, anything you can do to manage that cost is worth considering. That is why we are offering a FREE AUDIT of your DIRECTV billing to make sure you aren’t wasting cash.

In previous audits we have done, operators have saved as much as $600/year on their programming costs.

The audit process is super simple. Just complete the attached form and upload a picture of your DIRECTV bill. A member our team will review it and determine if you can save any money. No matter the results, it’s worth the ease of mind knowing you aren’t throwing cash away.

To get your free DIRECTV bill audit:

  1. Take a picture of your most recent DIRECTV bill
  2. Email the image and the following info:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. The Name of Your Location

We will review your bill and let you know just how much we can save you. It’s that simple.

Let’s make sure your business’s profit comes first and not DIRECTV’s.

Get Your Free DIRECTV Bill Audit

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* This offer is for restaurants with fewer than 25 locations only

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