Well, it’s finally here…Are you ready for some football? The NFL finally kicks off this Sunday, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. That coupled with the full NCAA Football slate for their Week 2 and you have the perfect storm for returned volume. There are no CFL Games on in the US, but they are all available in Canada. What are you doing to get ready for this Sunday’s slate?

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Whether it’s free schwag from a distributor or a special new appetizer list, this first week is where it’s at for getting the attention of your guests. We covered this extensively in the Football Marketing Bootcamp. The increased traffic and the new faces you will see are ripe targets for your brand messaging and new program introductions. Don’t let this optimal timing get to waste.

As far as the whole football thing is concerned, it’s gonna be another great week of games. The NFL boots off on Thursday with KC visiting New England, and then you get 13 games on Sunday with the icing being two Monday Night Football games. Every team is undefeated, and the fans are feeling hope, so it’s the perfect storm.

Have a great and busy weekend and let us know how it goes!