//MLB Playoffs 2016: Schedule and Primer for Bars & Restaurants

MLB Playoffs 2016: Schedule and Primer for Bars & Restaurants

October baseball still boasts the interest of millions of fans, especially in cities where the teams remain in the World Series hunt. This year see’s the continuation of the one game Wildcard playoff for admittance to the playoff club. Tonight will see intra-divisional rivals Baltimore and Toronto square off for the pleasure of facing the best team in the American League, the Texas Rangers.

Then on Wednesday, the San Francisco Giants travel cross country to take on the New York Mets to see who will battle the Chicago Cubs in the Divisional Playoffs. The remainder of the matchups are listed on the downloadable guide you can access below.

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Unlike other leagues with a multi-series playoff structure, MLB sets their dates and doesn’t alter them for the various series. That means the schedule you download today will be the exact dates that the various series run, even if they are shortened by a sweep. We won’t know times for sure until the matchups are set for the four Divisional Series, but you can count on all the League Championship and World Series games to be on in primetime viewing slots.

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