The first weekend of NCAA football is a special experience in most sports bars. Since mid-June, you have scraped along with only baseball as a credible sport to promote. Sure, the preseason NFL games drive a couple of folks in your door and fantasy drafts deliver a boost. But in the end, it’s real football that matters. Week 1 of the NCAA brings back all the energy your sports themed operation needs to feel like a hub for sports fans. How you approach it matters and that’s why being prepared is crucial.

Having managed the first Saturday of NCAA football many times over the years, it’s an incredibly hopeful day. Every team is undefeated, all of your guests have a stake in a season filled with promise and yours is the place they are going to follow that passion. The key is knowing in advance what teams/games matter to your guests and orchestrating the day based on that knowledge. This is the primary reason we deliver the Football Preview each week on Monday, so you have ample time to analyze the schedule and plan appropriately.

Download Your 2017 Football Schedule


NCAA Football is scheduled into specific blocks in a similar way the NFL has the 1pm ET and 4pm ET Sunday schedule slotted. Within the 12pm ET, 3:30pm ET and 7pm ET time frames this week, there are multiple games that will both resonate locally and have national implications. For example, the 12pm ET segment features two great inter-conference matchups that you don’t normally see. Both the Maryland/Texas game and California/North Carolina are great games that pit marquis conferences against each other.

The 3:30pm ET block has a tremendous game between ranked opponents with (11) Michigan visiting (17) Florida. However, there are some great regional games like NC State/South Carolina that will attract guests as well. Finally, the biggest game has the (3) Florida St. visiting (1) Alabama at 8pm ET. This type of ready for primetime matchup is exactly what makes a week 1 schedule soar.

Step by Step How to Create Your Own Preview

We encourage you to print the Football Preview and review the games that matter to you locally, and those that will attract a crowd interested in the best matchups of the day. Once you have identified your winners, then begin to reference the specific games as featured on your social media platforms. Getting people energized as the week wears on is a great strategy to keep your posts relevant and your guests engaged.

Oh, and we almost forgot, this Thursday all 32 NFL teams play their last preseason game. While not significant of much, it does mean that you only have 7 more days until the first NFL regular season game and 10 days until the full schedule boots off for 17 glorious weeks. By now, your Fantasy Draft parties are all scheduled, your promotions are tee’d up and your team is ready for the full weekend of football from now until January.

We will be delivering the Football Preview weekly from now until the Week 13 of the NCAA season and look forward to supporting you each week in your preparation and execution of football. Have a great football week and remember, this is just the beginning!