With the first week of the NFL under our belts and the thick of the NCAA season underway, we can fall into our rhythm for the Football Weekend Preview. The first few weeks of the NFL are always potent drivers because everyone’s teams are still relevant. Additionally, the NCAA hasn’t differentiated the teams who are contenders for the Bowl Championship Series and consequently, any ranked team has a shot at the 4 team playoffs. All that being said, we are also refining our new platform and want to make sure we ask for your support in that endeavor.

As you all know, we began exclusive service on our new platform on June 1st of this year. We have worked diligently for a year in preparing, and refining, the web app so it delivers you the type of flexible and customizable features we have included. For the good, you can now mark your favorites so they are featured in bold or at the top of your guide (or both)… As well the new platform allows you to filter the programming you don’t purchase so your guides are the most accurate reflection of what you have for programming.

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For the not so good, we have had several instances of subscribers frustrated that specific programming is not showing through on their guides or even the accuracy of the data. To be clear, many of the concerns we have addressed were specifically related to the profile created by the subscriber and we were able to quickly fix them by ensuring you have the correct program providers defined in your location. However, some have been related to issues with the specific lineups assigned to your location by our data provider. The limitation for us here is that we service almost 50,000 lineups across all of North America and can’t possibly review them all for accuracy. However, if you bring a programming issue from your lineup to our attention, we will be happy to address it as soon as is humanly possible.

Our goal is to deliver the most accurate and complete listings possible to each individual subscriber. We want to hear what you are experiencing and will respond as we resolve issues. Please, if you see what you perceive to be an error, let us know immediately upon seeing it. This way we can address it in real time to make sure you aren’t further inconvenienced. Ultimately, we need your help to ensure your data is accurate.

We continue to make our own assessments and reviews to catch errors and ensure accuracy, but your help will be truly valuable to make the entire SportsTV Guide subscriber community get the best data possible. Thanks for any constructive feedback you provide and we look forward to continuing to adjust the platform for optimal performance.

Have a great week of football and thanks again for choosing to allow us to keep you informed