Are we already at Week 7 of the NCAA season? Holy cow! It always seems to fly by. This week has an interesting quirk in the NCAA with 13 of the top 25 teams on the road. The NFL Week 6 schedule is the second week of byes for teams and features a few great matchups and a lot of not so hot ones. This is while the CFL winds down their season on the run-up to the 105th Grey Cup. Finally, the English Premier League is back in action after their International Competition week off and should be a great schedule of games.

Did you say 13 ranked teams are on the road? Yup. While it’s not a record it is very unusual. This is the type of week that is ripe for an upset. Start with the easiest as (25) Navy is a 4 point underdog while visiting Memphis. There are two games in particular we think should be great candidates for upset of the week. (6) TCU is at Kansas St and only favored by 4 and they have had their struggles in Bill Snyder Stadium. That game is followed closely by (24) Texas Tech going to Morgantown to take on West Virginia. West VA was a ranked team until last week and they can surely make Tech pay for that fact. However, the best chance for a serious calamity is (12) Oklahoma when they march into Austin to take on Texas.  The Red River Rivalry is no joke and Oklahoma can’t be too confident lest they allow the ghosts of games past to haunt them again.

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The NFL Week 6 schedule has a few good matchups with the LA Rams going to Jacksonville to take on the shockingly good Jaguars. Also, the TNF game is finally between some good teams as Philadelphia heads to Carolina for the 8:30pm tilt. The only other fairly interesting games are Pittsburgh/KC and Tampa Bay/Arizona. There are actually 5 games with double-digit spreads this week, which doesn’t bode well for TV ratings, but shouldn’t impact your sales since it’s early in the season and very few teams are not still in the hunt.

Finally, the CFL is in Week 17 as they begin the last 5th of their season. The Friday Calgary/Hamilton game is on US TV and the remainder are on TSN in Canada. The English Premier League returns to action with a full slate of games on Saturday and Sunday. The best matchups are Manchester United visiting the Liverpool Red Sox (oops, I think they are actually trying to sell the team) and Watford hosting Arsenal both on Saturday at 10am EST.

Have a great week of football and we look forward to hearing how it all goes!