What a great week of football, both College and Pro. There were superbly played games, fantastic finishes, and political turmoil; and that’s good for our business. Regardless of your politics, this much focus on football means more people are watching and engaged. While this week doesn’t boast as many great matchups, there are still quite a few games worth highlighting. Also, we are wondering how you feel your football season is stacking up to previous years, now that we are several weeks into it?

On the NCAA football schedule there are very few marquis quality games to highlight, but the few that are, certainly have great promise. Friday night you have a late night (10:30pm on the East Coast anyway) game between ranked teams with (6)USC visiting (16)Washington State. On Saturday there are only two games between ranked opponents with (24)Miss St heading to (13)Auburn at 6pm ET and the big game of the week (2)Clemson storming into (12)VA Tech at 8pm ET. Serious intra-conference play begins next week, and then you’ll see far more competitive games on the docket.

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The NFL had a crazy week between the dustup with the league and POTUS and some amazing game finishes. This week promises another docket of solid matchups with classic rivalries like Chicago/Green Bay on Thursday and Pittsburgh/Baltimore at 1pm on Sunday. There is another London game, this time on regular FOX network nationally, with New Orleans and Miami heading east for a tilt at Wembley Stadium.

Now that we have finished four weeks of NCAA and three weeks of NFL, how has your season progressed? This is the time to be leveraging any new traffic to promote your other programming for the year. If you aren’t making a significant effort to collect email addresses or encourage guests to follow you on social media, you are wasting this time and severely limiting your marketing for the next 11 months. Don’t let this time slip by without making the traffic work for you. Share what you are doing with us in the comments so we know just how brilliant you all are!!!