And so it begins. Welcome to the first edition of our Football Weekend Preview for the 2017 season. As with our previous versions of the preview, we will be covering NCAA and NFL Football schedules each week featuring extended info like rankings and spreads. Additionally, we will be listing some new events including Canadian Football and European Football to deliver more relevant and proactive to your planning needs.

When we first began delivering the Football Weekend Preview, we featured about 50 NCAA games, mostly on the national broadcast outlets. In the ensuing 13 year span, we have seen an explosion of broadcasts available for NCAA games and an equal explosion in the way they are delivered. Whether it’s the individual conferences creating their own networks (BigTen, PAC12, SEC, Texas Longhorns) or new delivery systems like internet streaming, operators have a maddening variety of ways to display games. We won’t bore as to why you should be considering these options, but you can read here about the value of streaming if you want to learn more.

Not much has changed this year as far as availability and programming. Next year, we will see the new ACC Network which will compete with the other conferences offerings. This year you will still be confronted with the choice to purchase the SEC and Big Ten as well as the ESPN College Sports (ESPNCS) packages. Remember the ESPNCS is a school year long package that includes other sports like Men’s/Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse. While we wouldn’t recommend it for just football (the matchups can be pretty obscure), we do think it’s relevant to any sports themed operator that wants to remain relevant. The other channel we get lots of questions about is the PAC12 Network Unfortunately, it remains absent from the DIRECTV lineup and we don’t for see that changing any time soon.

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Some good news is, with our new platform, it is even easier to manage the NCAA schedule because we can now provide zip code specific listings for any cable or satellite provider you choose. In a few weeks, we will also be able to include the streaming schedule on your guide as well. This will be the tab on your dashboard market Streaming Events and will house any football (or other streams too) that are currently available for viewing. This new guide tab will also include a web link to the game you are seeking. We will do everything we can to get you the specific URL for the game, but it may just be to the base page of the site hosting if they publish those in advance. On the Football Preview, they will not include the links because they may not be set prior to our publishing and it clutters the publication.

New content, we are including on the guide, will also cover some international football broadcasts. I know some of you purists out there will be offended that we are lumping English Premier League (EPL) “Soccer” on your football preview, but the original footie was definitely not our North American variety. Also, with the cessation of the NBC Extra Time program and the advent of NBC Gold, we wanted to make sure, those of you that care, can catch the EPL games on stream if you need them. Also, we are including any CFL games that are televised for those friendly Canadians out there.

As always, we are manning the phone to be available to answer your questions and take your feedback during football season. Whether you need info on an upcoming event or have questions about what packages to purchase, we are ready to support you. So, here it finally is, Football. It couldn’t have come soon enough and it’s always over too soon. Whoever said Christmas is “The Best Time of the Year” didn’t run a sports themed restaurant or bar…just sayin’.

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