The College Football Playoff (CFP) has significantly changed the import of the rank and file post-season bowl games. With the four team format, the bowl games lose even further significance. So your guests may feel little need to watch unless their teams are involved.

It’s really your job to make the case for why they shouldn’t only watch, but they should do so in your restaurant.

How? Well, it certainly starts with knowing what the bowl schedule looks like and sharing that with your guests. That is why we have created a complete bowl schedule — including the CFP listings — for you to download.

From there, it’s knowing something about each game that will make you compelling to guests. This link is a great gallery that gives you just enough intelligence so you will be prepared to discuss every game with your guests.

Next you have to create a value proposition. Invite guests to either pick the winners, get points for each game they watch at your place or some other frequency reward that both incentivizes them to visit, but also makes them interested in the games that are being played. You won’t have trouble creating excitement for the CFP, but you will for the other bowl games unless you make them fun.

Why not tweet or Facebook post the tidbits from the gallery we mentioned earlier? You show your guests that you are both knowledgeable and engaged. And it shows that you’re the place they should be watching the games. One thing we can guarantee, if you do nothing you will see no results!

Download your free football weekend schedule


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