The 2017 MLB Playoffs begin on Tuesday October 3rd and it promises to be another interesting postseason. The Chicago Cubs return for their chance to chase back to back World Series Championships, but they aren’t the favorites. With Cleveland ending the season on a serious hot streak, most eyes will be on the Jake.

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The whole thing kicks off with the first Wildcard Game on Tuesday between the Yankees and Minnesota to see who becomes the sacrificial lamb for the Cleveland Indians. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers are limping into the playoffs after a lame finish to a season.

The Divisional Playoffs are only five game series and are on FS1 (American League) and TBS (National League) with MLB Network filling in for any overlap games. The ALCS/NLCS are seven games series and are also on TBS/FS1 and FOX.

The entire World Series is exclusively on FOX national. The World Series begins on October 24th and finishes no later than November 1st. Hopefully if the teams are from the northern half of the country mother nature will cooperate.

Have a great playoff run and if your local team made the playoffs. Good Luck.